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March 08, 2006

bag intact

I got my travel bag back from Delta today with nothing missing--- not even the pound of marijuana, ounce of cocaine, two assault rifles and THREE hand grenades I smuggled back from Costa Rica. I guess that my clever ploy of disguising those things as a pile of dirty laundry fooled both the Customs Inspectors and Airport Security.

The Delta guy told me that my bag landed in Savannah on the same flight I rode in on, but I didn't even look for it that night. I was dog-assed tired, my belly hurt and I just wanted to go home after being on airplanes all fricking day.

I started to ask why the bag never appeared on Carousel #9 in Atlanta when I searched for it THERE, but I didn't really care. That mixup probably saved me another nit-search at Customs, which I usually get because of that stupid Domestic Violence order the BC took out on me a year and a half ago. Since then, inspectors have thoroughly rifled my belongings, had me empty my pockets, patted me down, run hand-held snooper devices from head to toe and done everything except subject me to an anal probe after my last few trips outside the USA.

Anyway, I got my bag back. See? I TOLD you that your luggage never gets LOST anymore. It simply takes a different route.

End of story.


did you book your flights (back to Atlanta,then Savannah) together? Because if you did, you wouldn't normally be required to get your bags between them.

Posted by: marcl on March 8, 2006 06:22 PM

I dunno, Mark. I've been out of the country six times over the past few years and EVERY TIME, I've had to retrieve my bag and go through Customs in Atlanta. I've never SEEN Customs at the Savannah Airport.

Posted by: Acidman on March 8, 2006 06:41 PM

oops, that's right. I forgot about customs.

Posted by: marcl on March 8, 2006 07:12 PM
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