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January 23, 2006

I may do it

I am really tempted to write a letter, although the rules will make expressing myself the way I WANT TO difficult. I have to exercise a lot of self-discipline just to say "Cindy Sheehan" without injecting some "obscenities, vulgarity or insults" in there somewhere. I utterly despise that woman, the fucking ghoul.

See? I typed Cindy Sheehan and the F-word just popped right out before I could stop it. The pus-brained bitch woman has that effect on me.

I still think writing that letter is a good idea. You should do it, too.


I live ten minutes from the bitch. If she'd ever come home I'd just park my ass in front of her house and protest her ugly, whining ass.

Posted by: Cheryl on January 23, 2006 08:00 PM

Cindy Sheehan has every right to express her opinion on the war in Iraq. She lost someone there and it must be difficult for her. Calling her names just makes you look small, petty and narrow-minded. I for one think the war in Iraq was a big mistake, and we need to get out of there as soon as possible. If you don't like Cindy Sheehan, then stop giving her the attention she craves and just ignore her.

Posted by: Kevin on January 23, 2006 08:07 PM

I would love to ignore her if only the press would let me ... and also the pathetic old has been Harry Belafonte. and Barbra Streisand.

Posted by: maxnnr on January 23, 2006 08:36 PM

Rob - I tried also, but words like "Village Idiot", "Half Wit", "Fuck Nozzle & Fuck Basket", "Bloodless Cunt", "Baby raping Slut Whore", and many others just rolled off the tips of my fingers as they danced across the keyboard. Writing a letter to Cindy Sheehan without injecting some "obscenities, vulgarity or insults" is the impossible dream - I give up.

Posted by: Vulgorilla on January 23, 2006 09:05 PM

The truest test of a parent's love requires setting aside one's own selfish wants or needs for those of his/her children, even if it means offering respect for an adult child's decisions that are not approved of.

Her husband has left her, her surviving children neglect her.

No need to waste words. She ain't got it...she ain't gonna get it...she ain't right.

'best to leave them kind alone

Posted by: Pam on January 23, 2006 10:20 PM


There are way too many of us out here who see the lies that led us to this asinine war, and we are very, very conservative (re: Ron Paul, TX). I note that no one supporting the war ever takes Paul to task in editorial fashion. They cannot, because he can clean the constitutional clock of anyone who even attempts to do so. Not everyone who disagrees with the Bush family wars is a screaming liberal. Some of us believe in the Constitution--that "piece of paper" that troubles W so often.

And as a reminder, and balancing factor, Al Gore's former running mate Da Lieb--is the biggest Dem backer of the war, unless you include Miss Hillary. Those are the dogs you run with, Bubba.

Now we can agree to disagree, but perpetually bashing those who take a contrary opinion, as if they are the spawn of the devil himself or something, is simply beyond the pale.

Sheehan has taken a very wrong course to express a very right opinion. The undeclared, unconstitutional war on Iraq, in pursuit of imaginary WMD's, is a joke. So is Cindy's morbid crusade.

But that is her course. As Gamaliel once said: "If it is true, you cannot win over against it. If it is false, it will die its own death."

Let it rest. If Sheehan, with so little to say in your opinion, gets you so agitated, then it is not her with the problem.

Agitators sans the agitated have no soapbox.


Posted by: jb on January 24, 2006 12:41 AM

Cindy Sheehan makes my butt itch.

Posted by: robert on January 24, 2006 07:35 AM

Rob, You are too nice. How is it that your Blog has so many asshole-lib readers? Get mean! Break out the nitric acid and quit f'ing around!

Posted by: Tom H on January 24, 2006 07:38 AM

It wouldn't do any good to insult the 'asshole-lib' readers. They are so far gone they wouldn't know a good insult if it bit them in the ass.
Just go watch the idiot libs in the Senate today. They are stark raving mad and should be put down like a rabid dog.
They scream for 'Top Secret briefings for the entire congress' but when provided the content is in the NYT before the briefer is back to his office. There are more traitors and terrorists supporters in the U.S. Congress than there are out walking the street. Lib's are losers in every walk of life. No way to turn them around and no way to keep the idiots off your site. Just read their comments (for the comedy value), get up off the floor when you stop laughing and continue with the day. Their hate has turned to complete and total insanity.

Posted by: scraprion on January 24, 2006 11:04 AM

I have a friend who has a blog and she wrote a post about Cindy Sheehan. It was a letter to her. My friend's son was in Iraq also and he told her that if he died she better not ever act like that. She felt bad about the woman's son dying but she believed it took away from his heroism when Cindy Sheehan acted the way she did. She's got a good blog that talks about a lot of different things but she'll definitely get political on you. I'm going to show her your blog too if thats okay.

Posted by: Texas Lady on January 24, 2006 02:39 PM

Yes,jb DOES stand for Jejune bafoon.

What a purile projectile that jettisoned puss is.

Posted by: Wes Jackson on January 24, 2006 07:00 PM

When Cindy Shinanigan's behavior is excused because she has lost her son it just makes me want to scream.

Ms. Shenanigans is not the only one with a child in Iraq. She's not the only mother who has lost a son.

I had sympathy for her at first. And then when it because so obvious that she was using her son's death for her own political agenda - it just made me sick.

She's left her husband and other children on this crusade of hers and dishonored her son in the process.

That's all her business - she'll be a pitiful sight when her 15 minutes are up and she looks around and nobody cares.

But what really gets me is that she runs her mouth and endangers the rest of our sons and daughters for her own selfish few moments in the spotlight.

Shut up, Cindy!

Posted by: beth on January 24, 2006 11:21 PM


Few folks have the courage the demonstrate their total ignorance forcefully and with full dedication . . .

You do.


Posted by: jb on January 25, 2006 01:16 AM

Rob - You're assuming she can read.

Posted by: Denny on January 26, 2006 12:43 PM
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