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January 15, 2006

i might try this

I forgot to mention that I slow-cooked a 6.5 pound Boston Butt on my charcol grill two days ago. Since I'll be gnawing on delicious pig-meat for a while, I ought to make something like this to go with it. I like every one of the ingredients, but I'll add cucumber to mine. A salad just isn't a complete without cucumber.

I haven't posted a recipe in a while, so I'll tell you how I cooked the butt. SLOWLY is how. Now you know.

Okay, okay... simmer DOWN! I'll provide a few details. First, I coated the butt with olive oil and then applied a "rub" of onion salt, paprika, red pepper, black pepper, minced garlic and terragon. I built a charcol fire in the grill and added some wet mesquite chips for smoke when the coals were ready. I put the butt on the grill and closed the lid.

I added a few more charcol briquets and some more wet mesquite chips every 60 minutes, just to maintain the heat and generate more smoke, but otherwise left the butt alone for four hours. When I poked the butt with a long-handled fork and the meat started falling off the bone, I figured it was done.

I took it off the grill, brought it inside and shredded the meat with my bare fingers, which generated an abundant stream of succulent juice. I put the meat in a Tupperware bowl and gave the bone to my neighbor's dog.

I've been eating butt-meat for three days now and I'm still not tired of it. On a plate with long-grain wild rice and corn on the cob or in a sandwich with B.S. Mutha's Barbecue Sauce and french fries, it is delicious--- tender, juicy and well-seasoned by smoke and spices. Yum! Rob can cook!

Now I ought to try my hand at making one of those salads...


You are a good cook! I hope you cleaned up your mess in that kitchen?!

Posted by: livey on January 15, 2006 04:31 PM

Sounds good, Rob. Next, try cooking the whole pig.

We have a little party, yearly, the Celebration of Life, the last Saturday of January in my backyard. Pig is the main entree. The whole pig. Cooked slowly on a little darlin called a Cajun Microwave.

Posted by: Pawpaw on January 15, 2006 04:47 PM

My homemade chicken soup that's simmering on the stove smelled divine until I read what you have. I want some!

Posted by: Chablis on January 15, 2006 05:59 PM

Also, thought you'd enjoy knowing that it's -13 degrees here in the great state of NH...hence the chicken soup. It's the only thing to relieve the cold that seeps into your bones when you've been shoveling all day long.

Posted by: Chablis on January 15, 2006 06:01 PM

Thirteen degrees? Why you're havin' a heatwave there Chablis.

I just looked out at the thermometer here and it says a whopping 4 degrees.

And the wind is howling like a banshee....(50 MPH gusts)

And the best part (cough cough) is that my furnace decided to crap the bed two hours ago.....

We are huddled here around a portable radiator....and got a fire going....and are awaiting the service guy from the oil company....

Ah yes, global warming certainly has a curious way of revealing itself.....

Oh and my car doors were all frozen shut today (had to get a hair dryer out to thaw them out)

Right now I wouldnt mind doing a little shoveling, just to warm up...

Posted by: Ruth on January 15, 2006 06:13 PM

I propped myself up with pillows against the headboard of my bed with laptop and a plate of meatloaf, colcannon, asparagus, steamed carrots, cornbread and a glass of sweetened iced tea ('Lipton'..tee hee!!) which looked pretty good until I read this!!!!Yummmm!!! I'm with 'Chablis'....sheesh!!! Too bad we can't have a 'potluck' meal!!!

Oh...and BTW, 'snap beans' were also called 'string beans' in Mississippi....but we did 'snap them' I'm sure they are referred to as either/or? feels like 'home' here!!! :)) July....I'll be the same age as you, 'Acidman'!! Yikes!!! I don't know when this happened!! Haha!! Seriously, I recently noticed my age on one of my blogs, and was complaining to my daughter that it was incorrect, and that I did not know how that happened....Then she chided me and said I must be losing my mind....the age posted was indeed correct.....I've lost a year or two somewhere along the way....(I'll blame the 'ex' for all the stress he put me through during separation...I DO remember that!!).....Seems we have THAT in common too....sigh!!!

Oh how I relate to much of your blog!!! last thing...have you seen the pics comparing Dan Fogelberg to WIlliam DeFoe? I'll have to share it if you haven' kids sent it to me elsewhere....kinda interesting....

K....enjoy your 'butt', and I'll get back to my meatloaf....

Posted by: Di on January 15, 2006 07:06 PM

Oops!!! That's Willem!!

Posted by: Di on January 15, 2006 07:10 PM's time for a last correction....(gosh, I've gotta do spell-check before I hit enter...) It's Willem DaFoe, and I've posted the pics on my blog. Check them out!!

Posted by: Di on January 15, 2006 07:58 PM

Sounds yummy - starting to sound like Elisson with the recipes - I always leave his place hungry!

Posted by: Lisa on January 15, 2006 08:55 PM

That sounded so awesome!

Nothing like some meats to get one's heart started. I just don't know how anyone could ever be a vegetarian. When I see a cow walking around, I sort of use the "Wile E Coyote" approach and envision it on a plate as a steak with mashed taters and a side salad.

Posted by: Braden on January 15, 2006 09:52 PM

Yea, Acidman, I BET you used a fork to "poke that butt". You pervert..... haha!! Sorry; I had to. Sounds delicious actually.

Posted by: steve on January 16, 2006 12:27 AM

Dang, now I AM hungry. Just finished a 12-hour shift without dinner and was planning to go to bed (it's 5:34 am) but now I have to go eat. Unfortunately it won't be as good as what YOU have been eating! And I intend to make that salad....looks good!

Posted by: A Different Kim on January 16, 2006 08:35 AM

"6.5 pound Boston Butt " I would have sworn Teddy's butt was bigger than that

Posted by: GUYK on January 16, 2006 09:01 AM

K-r-a-p! That sounds delicious.

Throw a couple of brined birds in there next time.... Yum!


Posted by: sulizano on January 16, 2006 11:54 AM

Is this what they call barbecue down here? I've been here a year and haven't tried any yet.

Posted by: Libby on January 16, 2006 02:37 PM

So the local butcher can understand what part of the pig I want to purchase - what exactly - is the scientific definition of a Boston Butt ? I grew up in the Boston, MA area and never heard that description applied to the four legged variety. Here in Maine you have to be very specific in your anatonomical descriptions or suffer the consequences.

Posted by: Dan Buckley on January 16, 2006 07:59 PM

My cracker wife says snap beans are different from string beans, Di, but Im having trouble with the translation. Back to here if I figger it out..

Posted by: Larry on January 16, 2006 08:57 PM

Made the mistake of reading your blog right before I was going home from work. Of course I had to pick up a pork roast and try this out. Unfortunately, went to two grocery stores and neither had a "Boston Butt" (unlikely here in California) or any kind of pork rump roast, for that matter. So I bought a "picnic shoulder" and slow-smoke-roasted that baby. Added chili powder to the rub for some kick. Just took it off after five and a half hours and it's astonishingly good. Time to go to bed now, but I know what I'm eating for breakfast! Thanks for the idea, Rob!

Posted by: David on January 17, 2006 01:45 AM

A Boston Butt is actually a shoulder cut, oddly enough.

Posted by: Scott P on January 17, 2006 10:15 AM

Yeah funny about the butt being the front shoulder of the pig.

But the ass end is used for ham.

Ham - Ass

Hamas, get it?

Posted by: The Meatriarchy on January 17, 2006 08:49 PM
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