Gut Rumbles

September 25, 2005

dawgs win again

My beloved Georgia Bulldogs beat Mississippi State pretty handily. I don't think the game was in doubt after the start of the second quarter. But I STILL see a lot of things wrong with that team.

Shockley is a good quarterback, but he ain't no target passer. He missed several "gimmes" that a good passer would hit. When he's good, he's good. But when he sucks, he's a Hoover. As I've said before--- he's just spastic.

More stupid penalties and dumbass mistakes in the Red Zone. In the second half, Georgia drove inside the 10-yard line FOUR TIMES and ended up with nine points. Three field goals. Not one touchdown, and they killed themselves every time. You can't play like that and win against GOOD SEC teams.

Georgia has a good team and they'll probably make it to a bowl game this year. But they won't go undefeated amd somebody is gonna jump up and bite them in the ass soon.

I'll always root for them, but I ain't gonna bet on 'em.

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