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September 25, 2005

i didn't pay attention

I didn't bother to watch any of this idiocy today, because I was too busy watching college football. I figured it would be a collection of leftist moonbats, and I was correct.

Looking at some of the pictures I've seen on the internet I am reminded of an old joke I heard about the Ku Klux Klan. Bubba was a bed-wetter. When he joined the Klan, they made him wear a rubber sheet. Bubba pissed himself at a meeting one day. The Grand Dragon said, "Goddam it, Bubba! What's wrong with you? You can't even HATE right!"

I think the punch line applies to those protesters. They can't even hate right.

You can see some good pictures here.


Ooooh GOD! Those were the funniest pictures ever...and the captions--it was a riot!
"Hurricane Katrina Should Determine Our Exit Strategy." Just what the hell does that mean? Seriously, I'm really confused.
And talk about random, categoryless, arbitrary nonsense: "Lies, War, Deficits, Disunity, Bush Category 5 Disaster."
That's like "Assholes, Oranges, Reeboks, Blogs, Band Aids, Rogets College Thesaurus."
Oy, gevald.

Posted by: erica on September 25, 2005 03:55 AM

DC was/is wall-to-wall moonbats this weekend, between Cindy Sh*thead and the IMF meeting protests there's enough moonbattery going around to refloat the Titanic.

My agency sent an agency-wide e-mail on Thursday. It was five paragraphs long but translated into English as "If you value your life, property, or sanity STAY THE HELL OUT of DC this weekend."

At least Rita had one side benefit. If she hadn't some ashore early AM Saturday, the LSM would have been nothing but non-stop coverage of these morons all weekend long.

Posted by: Grumpy Old Ham on September 25, 2005 09:31 AM

Just goes to show how polluted the gene pool is in the USA. We seem to breed alot of idiots. I wonder if we need to patrol our borders more closely and make some serious changes to our immigration policies? We seem to be pumping out the moonbats at an alarming rate the past few decades

Posted by: assrot on September 25, 2005 10:12 AM


I won't bother to correct your BS posting about what I have said regarding my contact with the obvious government failures with both Katrina and Rita . . . that both the ACoE levees and Federal interstates proved incapable in a time of crisis, while DHS and FEMA were mouthing excuses and Bush was doing flyover photo-ops. I understand that defending Bush and all those supposed protections against catastrophe since 9/11 were being stretched to the limit of credulity and beyond.

Sorta tough defending a "potUS" (yes, emphasis intended) busier defending us from Iraqis NOT attacking us than protecting US from internal disasters that ARE striking US. Now, I could bring up that word "constitutional" again, but I have become sympathetic to how much that word agitates your devoted followers. They equate their personal opinion with being constitutional, and, well, I know how they hate criticism. I try most times, you know, to practice that good ole compassionate conservatism. :-)

The ironic part of your post here, is that it is you who is "Bubba" pissing on your plastic sheet. You treat you readers to a continual drumbeat of the total idiocy of government, its systematic removal of personal rights, and its gross inefficiency . . . but even when no external attack from another country is provable, the HEAD of the idiotic, rights removing and inefficient government you love to hate suddenly utters the word "war" . . .

Then . . .

It is you, Smif, who pisses the rubber sheet. Suddenly you are totally in favor in letting the inmates run the asylum!

War is highest power government possesses to take power over both its own people, and peoples of another nation. And war is most often fought between rulers at the expense of the citizens of both sides--most certainly the case in Iraq, and most wars of recent memory.

But of course, you will have some pithy response that will somehow defend the piss dribbles on your sheet and send your followers into spasms of snide comments, etc. What amuses me most about the responses (before they even appear here), is that they merely show that the right has the same amount of goofballs as does the left.

Fortunately, opposing BOTH sides that defend the idiocy YOU ALWAYS CALL government is an option for everyone who would prefer to think for themselves, rather than following politicians of either stripe. But your readers are as slavish to politicians as are the goofs on the left. All one has to do is poke fun at the left or the right and . . .

Well, I await the humor sure to follow . . . :-)

P.S. I cannot help but smile at the thought of an "Assrot" talking about "moonbats." Makes green hair seem kinda tame . . . LOL

Posted by: jb on September 26, 2005 10:13 PM
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