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July 21, 2005

quote of the day

I sometimes watch the news and wonder which side reporters are on in the War Against Terror. They damn sure don't seem to be on OUR side.

"Translation: You're idiots, cowards, and political hacks. Yes! The preening, point-scoring irresponsibility of the press, which is if anything worse in Britain than in America, is one of the most striking things about this war, and it will be decades before it recovers. If it does."

Glenn Reynolds

I see it as the "Vietnam Syndrome," which is a very simple philosophy taught in Journalism School as Gospel today: War is bad. The military is bad. We can't possibly win. It's OUR job to make sure people understand these truths as well as we do. Go forth and spread the Gospel!!!

Watch mainstream reporters and tell me I'm wrong.



I did not need one syllable from anyone among the MSM Mindless Ones to inform me what every American should know . . .

The War in Iraq is unconstitutional (just like Vietnam, for the record).

How hard is that to understand? :-)

Posted by: jb on July 21, 2005 10:06 PM

You're wrong. This war is bad. It's based on lies, deceit and not in our national interest. There is no such thing as war on terror. A handful of criminals, Saudis mostly destroyed the WTC and (maybe) hit the Pentagon. They were trained in Afghanistan, by the Taliban who also sheltered ObL. Even a dummy like you could sort out where we should go and who should we get.


Besides, relying on MSM alone these days for information is stupid. MSM today is corporate, conglomerate media interested in bottom line and good relations with government.

Smart people gather information from mutiple sources--unless they are so locked into an ideology they stick only with Fox and Limbaugh.

It doesn't matter anymore, liberal or conservative, religous or secular humanist, democrat or republican, IRAQ is not our war, never was, shouldn't be anymore.

Give the Iraqis the money we'll have spent over the next 50 years, and get out. Let them sort out their own country, live their lives the way THEY want to.
Civil war is inevitable anyway. The USA should declare victory--peace with honor--and get out.

Read a little history of the media, and you'll find that newspaper were far more manipulative in the past than they have been in recent decades. Teddy Roosevelt rode off the war with Spain on the phony reporting of WRH's newspapers. There was no honor in journalism then, with a few noteable exceptions.

Posted by: Walter on July 21, 2005 10:15 PM

The war in Iraq is unconstitutional?

God damn, Aciddude, if you don't collect the most mindless breed of troll I've ever seen.

Posted by: Mr. Lion on July 21, 2005 10:44 PM

I agree completely A-man. The media helped take us down in Vietnam and now that is their motive everyday.

Posted by: Alli on July 21, 2005 10:46 PM

walter, you're right that journalists pretty much always have been asshats. i'll agree with you on that.

i too like to get my info from multiple sources. and that means NOT from the media, which is where you've apparently been getting yours. try reading some of the iraqi blogs, or even better, some of the reports issued by former iraqi commanders on wmd.

it is a war on terror. not a war on ObL. iraq is our war, we are way ahead of progress we made in captured germany at a miniscule cost in casualties.

defeatists can move out of our way or get stepped. just because you couldn't win doesn't mean we can't

Posted by: mlah on July 21, 2005 10:47 PM

"I see it as the "Vietnam Syndrome," which is a very simple philosophy taught in Journalism School as Gospel today: War is bad. The military is bad. We can't possibly win. It's OUR job to make sure people understand these truths as well as we do. Go forth and spread the Gospel!!!

Watch mainstream reporters and tell me I'm wrong. "

Amen to that. It makes you wonder about their mental status. If bombings continue in UK and US, how far do you think the media will go in defending terrorists?

Posted by: Suz on July 21, 2005 10:54 PM

JB-- we're almost THREE YEARS into this war and YOU still want to argue about whether it's "constitutional" or not?

Fuck ME!!! We're IN!!! Which side are you on?

Posted by: Acidman on July 21, 2005 11:11 PM

When I was in grad school at Arizona State, I got to TA for a couple of history classes, grading exams. In case you didn't know, ASU is the home of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism(yes, they actually named it after the reporter who began the left's 35 year tradition of hand-wringing and defeatism after Tet). Without fail, some of the worst "essays" were written by the journalism majors-- no thesis, no point development, laughable grammar, you name it, I had to sift through it.
And these were the future bright minds we were expected to place our public trust in for information. I wouldn't have hired most of them to carry my groceries to the car, much less entrust them to tell me what's going on in the world in an informed manner.

Posted by: Chris on July 21, 2005 11:33 PM

Has any of the naysayers here ever considered this? If two men broke in your house and killed your family and got away. And a few days later you find out that one of the men is hiding in a house down the street from you, what would you do? Go kick the door down or knock on it?

Posted by: gravdigr on July 21, 2005 11:41 PM

Did you read the obit articles on General Westmoreland this week,? They all said that he was responsible for the loss of the war in Vietnam, even though Nixon relieved him of duty in 1968 and he retired in 1969.

As I said in my own blog, I guess that if the Democrats and leftist media actually force us to pull out of Iraq, I suppose that when "Stormin Normin" Schwarzkopf dies, they'll say that he lost the war in IIraq, even though he retired in 1991.

BTW, I think that Walter is PJ in disguise...

Posted by: Virgil on July 22, 2005 12:59 AM

I have three daughters. I love them dearly. I would, however, prefer they spend the rest of their lives pulling ten dollar tricks from aids infested johns, or jb, pj, than see them become journalists. I would fucking dis-inherit them!

Posted by: James Hooker- man of steel on July 22, 2005 04:34 AM

I worked as a TV news producer for years. To understand reporters, you need to know a couple of things. Most went to journalism or broadcast communications school. There they were taught that they were professionals, but little else. No math. No science. No history or geography. No logic or philosophy. Only a little English.

So, reporters don't know anything, and because they only hang out with each other, they don't understand that other people do know things. Since they know nothing, and know nothing about how to handle difficult situations, they become helpless hand wringers.

Very few have the intelligence and creativitiy to think for themselves, thus they just parrot what they've seen and heard elsewhere. They think they are supposed to be anti-war, so they are.

There is no agenda - they don't have sense enough to have an agenda.

Posted by: Juan Paxety on July 22, 2005 08:15 AM

I think the best places to go for news on Iraq and Afghanistan are sites like Michael Yon (and independent journalist traveling with the troops), soldier blogs, Iraqi and Afghan blogs, and Yahoo News (where I found Michael Yon in a photo slideshow). The first three are by people who are ACTUALLY THERE, and the latter is the most unbiased I've found yet.

Posted by: Jane on July 22, 2005 09:28 AM

Yes, Rob--I still must object, or else, deny being an American.

Being three years into an unconstitutional war is no reason to perpetuate the matter, all under the pretext "of being at war"--which is the problem to begin with. It remains unconstitutional.

Whose side am I on? Are you implying I must embrace what even you know is wrong, in order to be right--just for the sake of "being at war?" Hell, the most politically correct leftist wing nuts out there do not demand compliance with loony reasoning like that.

P.S. E-mail me your snail-mail addy--I'll send you my share of bandwidth costs. Fair enough.

Posted by: jb on July 22, 2005 10:30 AM

As I recall, besides your brief, possibly contrived, stint in journalism school your only job as a journalist was as a columnist for some local advertiser--from which you were fired.

That hardly makes you worth comment on the profession. Get a job, see what real reporting is really like and then someday, maybe, your media criticism will have merit.

Until then, please. Shut the fuck up.


Posted by: Glenn on July 22, 2005 11:36 AM

Re; Unconstitutional War...

US Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, para 11: "The Congress shall have power... to declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water."

It just so happens that "Congress", both the House and the Senate, on October 2 of 2002 passed a joint resolution - by a HUGE majority I might add - authorizing the president to use military force in Iraq. (Just Google "Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq' if you want the complete text.)

That joint resolution meets the constitutional requirement whether JB and the rest of the barking-moonbat brigade thinks so or not. There are many reasonable grounds to oppose the war in Iraq, but unconstitutionality is not one of them.

Therefore JB is full of shit - but you already knew that.


Posted by: Roy on July 22, 2005 03:29 PM

...And then you have this "Glenn" dickhead, who has the cheek to come onto Rob's own blog to tell him to "Shut the fuck up."

Typical liberal. "Freedom of speech for me, but not for thee."

Acid can defend himself quite well, but Rob, all I ask is that you not kick this idiot off right away. This Glenn character is bound to be good for some cheap entertainment.


Posted by: Roy on July 22, 2005 03:37 PM


If you had a clue, you would realize that Congress did nothing of the sort as you suggest


In one of the largest capitulations to the executive branch in history, Congress gave Bush Congress' sole authority to declare war.

Congress abdicated its responsibility, or the Constitutional separation of powers must mean little to you.

And thus, you prove yourself to be the real moonbat. Where do you guys come from with your arguments against the Constitution? Smif--I think you have some somewhat conservative democrats trying to ingratiate themselves upon folks wrestling with a true understanding of the Constitution.

Safe to say, even novices can spot Roy's constitutional fluff and stuff. And Roy--

Does fucking lying, as it is now clear , by Bush and Cheney and Rice and the Rove outings and the false yellowcake bullshit and god-damn it--a million other things that reveal this as little but another Bush family oil war, even register with your Jurassic-period mindset?

I mean, what dafuck does gummint hafta do get your fucking attetention--blow up the WTC and send a cruise missle into the Pentagon?

Uh, oh . . . I meant Al Quaida and Osama 37 times risen from the dead. Americans will believe ANYFUCKINGTHING in the name of war, and that is the genius of the Bush Oil Family.

Of course I am a conspiracy theorist--which is another way of crediting me, and others, for discovering facts you prefer to ignore.

So be it . . . I am a conspiracy theorist . . .

And you are ignorant.

I agree.

Posted by: jb on July 22, 2005 10:16 PM

Glenn Reynolds . . .

Let me see . . .

Employed by a tax-funded, governmental agency, i.e., the State of Tennesee . . .

Also reporting for FOX--by its own admission the most biased (fair and balanced) MSM network in American . . .

Yeah . . . give me some objectivity . . . fer shure, fer shure!

As we say in my bidness . . .

Glenn is "impotent" people . . . he deigns to give us moments of his time.

Reynolds is a classic dem--eager for war when it serves his purposes, and eager to diss others when his journalistic ego so dictates.

Damn--he is my blog grand-pappy, too. Well, since my blog-daddy couldn't break free of MSM style writing, I guess it is up to me.

The war is a lie based upon a myriad of other lies. To support the war in the face of such lies is yet one more lie and, not merely unconstitutional, it is, simply put . . .


Posted by: jb on July 22, 2005 10:34 PM

jb has a blog? Wish he'd go write there occasionally instead of boring us here.

Posted by: Stu on July 23, 2005 12:24 AM
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