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July 10, 2005

fragile egos

Men, for all their macho posturing, really are delicate creatures. I blame that fact on western civilization. Men never actually KNOW when they step over that line from boyhood to manhood. It's a confusing experience.

I was in the Atlanta airport when I saw four of our troops eating hamburgers as they awaited their flight to the Middle East. I flagged a waitress and told her to put their meal on my tab and send a round of beers over to them, on me.

One of the guys, dressed in camo, walked over to thank me for buying their meal, but said that he was only 18, and he couldn't have a beer. He'd just stick with good old Southern iced tea. I told him that iced tea was fine with me. Whatever he wanted.

Then, I thought, WTF? We're going to train, arm and send this fine young man off to fight in a WAR, where he may be killed or have important body parts blown off by some idiot Islamist, and the poor bastard can't drink a BEER before he climbs aboard that plane? We'll give him an M-16 but NOT a Budweiser? Where's the logic in that?

THAT's how men have ALWAYS been treated in western society. I prefer the ways primitive people handle things. When a boy turns a certain age, you drag his ass into a tent, chant over him, burn some sacred smoke, send a concubine in to lay the hell out of him, and when he emerges from that tent in the morning, he is treated like a MAN instead of a boy, from then on.

We don't have similar rituals in the western world. I don't believe that I ever thought of myself as a man until I buried my father. I was 40 years old, I had a good job, I owned a home and I had a child. But... I never KNEW that I was a man, at least until I took care of getting my father planted in the ground.

I believe that a LOT of men feel that way.

That's one reason this article chapped my Cracker ass. And I'll also be totally politically incorrect by saying the Rise of Feminism has not helped things, either.

Yeah. Wimmen want it ALL today--- independence, abortion on demand, shrill screaming when they don't get their way, EQUAL treatment and "rights" that were invented by a hallucinating judge. Fine. Give 'em all that stuff.

But let's ALSO change the rules about alimony, child support, child custody and all the OTHER baggage still hanging over from the old days, when wimmen were delicate flowers instead of sniping, ball-cutting, STRONG bitches.

I don't believe that wimmen should have it both ways. You can't faint, develop the vapors and hyperventilate because you saw a Rigid Tool calender on an office wall and then sue for sexual harassment when you ALSO want to show how fucking "strong" you are.

Men ALWAYS had it rough in the western world, negotiating that twilight zone between boy and man. It's worse now. With all the pussification going on, men don't know WHERE they stand anymore.

I shoulda been born a woman. I could show Hillary Clinton a thing or two about getting what I wanted.


I just found your blog (from Hog on Ice's Blog Roll) and can tell already that I'm going to be a regular reader. I read your about me section and we have a lot of similar interests. I'll forgive the fact that you are a bulldog though (I'm a Gator, class of '91). I'd love to have a 57 Chevy Belaire but I right now I have settle with my 66 Dodge Polara that I'm restoring.

Keep up the good work.

Posted by: conductor on July 10, 2005 12:34 PM

I will second that emotion! I keep telling my wife I am not her damn girlfriend. As many times as I say it there is no LIGHT!


Posted by: Wes Jackson on July 10, 2005 01:37 PM

Further proof that we're somehow meant to know each other.
You wanna be a chick "next time" and I've already made it perfectly clear (God) that I'd much prefer being a guy.
(I hate women and being one... they and it are both intolerable to me.)

Trade ya in a heartbeat, Babe.

Posted by: Stevie on July 10, 2005 01:43 PM

I know what you mean. I'm 26, and I still can't believe that I'm an adult ... a man ... sometimes. My father left our family (or my mom did and took us with her, still haven't quite figured that one out yet) when I was pretty young. So I had shit for role models for a long time.

We moved to Colorado to be near my mother's parents when I was in the fifth grade so from then till we moved again when I was in high school I had my grandfather (and he's a man's man). I didn't understand a lot of what he was trying to teach me then, but I'm glad he was around. Cause I'd be more screwed in the head than I already am right now if it weren't for him.

Posted by: Nick Wright on July 10, 2005 02:03 PM

If the poor bloke is going off to war why would you make things worse for him by giving him a Budweiser and not a real beer?

Posted by: Twenty Major on July 10, 2005 02:05 PM

I never could understsand the logic that a person of 18 years of age was considered responsible enough to vote yet not responsible enough to drink!

By the way, gator is ugly and their mamas dress them funny. Go Noles!

Posted by: GUYK on July 10, 2005 02:17 PM

I agree with the poll. Like 64% of French "men" themselves, I'm not sure they are men.

Posted by: Cappy on July 10, 2005 02:32 PM

I've got a lot of reasons to be angry at men too but I try to control the whining because it gets old in a hurry. I tell myself to get over it.

You need to go live with some of these Taliban guys because you doth protesteth too much about "the wimmen".

The truly clever evolve....

Posted by: Suz on July 10, 2005 03:48 PM

Right, Suz. After losing two homes, more than $60,000 and having my pride stomped flat by judges, I should "evolve."

Into what? A complete pussy?

Taliban, my ass. Those crazy fuckers don't have anything to teach a hormonal woman about cruelty.

Posted by: Acidman on July 10, 2005 04:04 PM

Hell. I thought this WAS the evolved Acidman!

Posted by: Robert on July 10, 2005 04:47 PM

There is so much right about all of what you said, that I could spend the next ten min. illustrating my point with personal experiences alone. But, I won't.

Posted by: Kelly on July 10, 2005 05:32 PM

What woman in her right mind would want to be "equal" to men? I LIKE being a woman, and I expect to be treated like one. What's more, I treat men like men, as long as they act like one!

Posted by: Candy on July 10, 2005 05:43 PM

Same here Candy...because if I was on the Titanic, you'd better believe I'd leave my husband standing on the deck while I plunked my ass down in one of them lifeboats....(and no doubt he'd spend what little time he had left, looking for some womens clothes he might be able to squeeze into)

And while we're at it, wonder how many of those women who werent lucky enough to get into a lifeboat, regretted waving off the dessert cart that night, eh?

(yes I do wonder about the strangest things)

Posted by: Ruth on July 10, 2005 05:57 PM

acidman, you WERE born a woman...i have never seen a more clear cut picture of the "vapors" than what you exhibit...get over it. lots of fucked up men too, just sayin'..

Posted by: you know it on July 10, 2005 06:40 PM

Acidman, after losing the first house you should have evolved into someone who wouldn't lose a second house.

Come on man...I don't believe for a minute the whole domestic legal system is just out to take poor Rob or any man. Either you didn't "fight "(legally, that is, I know you've got enough hatred that you verbally fought with your ex)and NOW you're pissed, or there was some reason (like an anger management problem perhaps? just guessing) that caused you to lose favor with judges. Because judges these days are VERYwilling to allow a man to help raise his kids, if they are up to it, and sometimes even when their parenting skills are questionable.

Yeah--I'm a strong bitch. Because I HAVE TO BE to raise my three kids. (I had to evolve). Their dad is too self-absorbed to participate. And I've got the 3 best kids in the world (most days).

I had a brush with a child molester (male) as a youngster, and I've observed other "male oddities" in my years of working almost exclusively with men, and even in my own relationship with my dad. Yes, men are confused--but no more than women are. So stop whining and figure out what mistake YOU made in choosing the wrong woman (be honest--there were signs that you ignored, weren't there?) and then go find the right one. Because there are a lot of good women out here looking for good men. (Hint: if you're just worrying about getting laid, you are not going to find her).

Oh, and Ruth...I like your thought processes! Maybe it's time for dessert...

Posted by: Suz on July 10, 2005 06:59 PM

I think our grandmothers and great grandmothers were stronger women than any we currently have in existence. Modern women demanded equal treatment but our elder women COMMANDED equal treatment. Big difference. Seems to me that women as a whole get weaker as we scream for more 'rights'.

Posted by: Chablis on July 10, 2005 07:01 PM

I agree Chablis.

And Acidman, since you already hate me there's no risk in telling you the truth.

You have already evolved into a complete pussy.

At least I have the guts to say it to you!

Posted by: livey on July 10, 2005 07:51 PM

"Come on man...I don't believe for a minute the whole domestic legal system is just out to take poor Rob or any man."

I doubt the whole domestic legal system is out to take poor Rob.

But if you think men get equal and fair treatment in divorce/custody cases, you have a serious case of asshattery.

Posted by: rightisright on July 10, 2005 08:08 PM

Hell hath no fury like a woman (female blogger) scorned.

Rob, keep an eye on your pet rabbits (lest they end up in a pot of hot water on your stove)

Holy moley.....

Posted by: Ruth on July 10, 2005 08:08 PM

What the fuck? I must be totally out of the loop. I thought that enlisted men had an exemption. You can DIE for your country but you can't have vodka? No way! That is unamerican. I had a friend who was a marine recruit, and I SWEAR he told me that if he showed a military ID he could buy alcohol. Is this wrong? If so, our values are so fucked up they don't bear thinking about. If you are prepared to die for your country, you should at least be allowed to do so with a buzz on.

Posted by: dmull on July 10, 2005 08:15 PM

Livey, for fuck sakes...give it a rest already. You're not turning into a troll, are you?

Posted by: Chablis on July 10, 2005 08:22 PM

In fact, after he left the marine corps (after claiming he would commit suicide if they didn't let him out), he was required to give up his ID so that he couldn't buy alcohol. I really don't think he lied about this. Surely our government is not that fucked up. If so, that's just wrong.

Posted by: dmull on July 10, 2005 08:23 PM

no Chablis, just proving to the man that he was right, I am a vicious bitch, it should make him happy.

Posted by: livey on July 10, 2005 10:37 PM

"because if I was on the Titanic, you'd better believe I'd leave my husband standing on the deck while I plunked my ass down in one of them lifeboats..."


Why does this not surprise me Ruth? You plunk your fat ass down here everynight and obnoxiously blather on endlessly about EVERY SUBJECT, so you commandeering a lifeboat while others drown would pretty much be a given you disgusting, coldblooded, sociopathic troll.


Posted by: PJ on July 11, 2005 02:30 AM

"Either you didn't "fight "(legally, that is, I know you've got enough hatred that you verbally fought with your ex)and NOW you're pissed, or there was some reason (like an anger management problem perhaps)"


Good analysis Suz. It is funny that we only see his side of the story where he presents himself to be such a helpless victim by TWO wives. He never mentions what HE did wrong.
Acidbrain is never wrong.


Posted by: PJ on July 11, 2005 02:38 AM

(Then, I thought, WTF? We're going to train, arm and send this fine young man off to fight in a WAR, where he may be killed or have important body parts blown off by some idiot Islamist, )

ummm did it ever occur to you in that peanut size of a brain that these socalled troops are going into someone elses land so if they get blown up by a 'idiot islamist' as you so quoted then maybe they shouldnt be there to begin with duuuh

Posted by: sally on July 11, 2005 07:19 PM
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