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March 02, 2005

word challenge

Use "fungible," diaphanous," "crucible", ""tendentious" and "misanthrope" in a coherent paragraph. I dare you.

I'll post mine later.


I'd like to see a paragraph using all those words that wasn't down right tedious!

Posted by: DogsDon'tPurr on March 2, 2005 09:59 PM

As Ezekiel melted the prostitute's glass cats into fungible form in his crucible so that he could blow it into a glass dog, he absent-mindedly rolled his nipples beneath his diaphanous nightgown, and wondered with a belch if the cannibalizing of that tendentious bitch did, indeed, make him a misanthrope.

Posted by: Velociman on March 2, 2005 10:21 PM

Let's see ... "fungible" means it can be turned into a fungus? Is "diaphanous" something to do with a diaphragm?

I'm pretty sure you can't say "crucible" in a public building anymore. And if I ever said "tenditious" in this part of the world somebody would ask if Chris and I are having eight guests for dinner.

Posted by: McGehee on March 2, 2005 10:30 PM

Assuming you meant "tendentious":

He toiled over the crucible, now in view, now covered by diaphanous veils of vapor wafting up from the brew. The misanthrope's thoughts were fungible in their disdain of those who would be friend, as well as foe. To call him tendentious would be to complement his mildness and would miss the mark entirely. His loathing for others of his species was palpable; not for nothing was his toxic stew being prepared. Its stench was a tocsin to all who would venture near.

Posted by: bowpet on March 2, 2005 10:53 PM

It's pretty damn bad at the Cracker House
when you're using pages outta the
dictionary to wipe your ass!

Posted by: BJK on March 2, 2005 11:31 PM

Oh, shit. I thought you said one SENTENCE. That was hard. And is that BJK or BTK?

Posted by: Velociman on March 2, 2005 11:58 PM

Your tenditious argument, Acidman, is but that of a misanthrope, fungible in the crucible of higher thought to reveal its true nature as nothing more than the usual diaphanous tissue of cowardice which has underlayen all hate towards mankind from the beginning of time. I hope you are satisfied with yourself, you hammerhead!

Posted by: Ga-ne-sha on March 3, 2005 01:34 AM

"Tenditious"? Don't know that one. I'll assume you meant "tendentious."

There's a certain Georgia blogger whose noble values and ideals were forged in the belly of the South. Some accuse him of being a tendentious misanthrope, perhaps because he possesses strong opinions and suffers fools not at all. I do not, preferring to think of him as firm in his beliefs, yet willing to listen to reason. He prefers his women with diaphanous nighties rather than flannel "footie" pajamas; he knows that moonshine and fine Bourbon have similar effects but are not fungible. He is the Acid-Man.

Posted by: Elisson on March 3, 2005 10:00 AM

Whoops. That shoulda read "...crucible of the South." Fuck.

Posted by: Elisson on March 3, 2005 10:01 AM

Liberals are a fungible lot...their diaphanous logic forming a tendentious crucible of acquiesence that encourages the violent misanthrope.

Posted by: Darth Monkeybone on March 3, 2005 10:35 AM

Unable to overcome the crucible of the liberated woman, the tenditious misanthrope considered the woman in the diaphanous gown to be fungible.

Posted by: Veeshir on March 3, 2005 10:40 AM

Though he didn't know how to spell tendentious, the querulous misanthrope hid behind a flimsy diaphanous veil of bovine feculence so fungible no crucible was required to render his bloviating palaver into tiresome pedagogic pedantry. He was an English teacher at heart.

Posted by: Theodora on March 3, 2005 10:45 AM

The acidic old man was in trouble. He had made the mistake of marrying a misanthropic woman. Now he was facing the crucible of a divorce in front of a tendentious judge. Even though he had made several shrewdly fungible investments, he still only had a diaphanous hope of escaping without being robbed blind by the bloodless cunt.

Posted by: Beaker on March 3, 2005 11:27 AM

He was told that there was a DIAPHANOUS possibility of him attaining FUNGIBLE assets if he was able to tolerate a MISANTHROPE of a drill instructor who would voice only his TENDENTIOUS In the ardous CRUCIBLE which either earned a Eagle Gobe and Anchor for him or a escort to the main gate. Hoo Rah

Posted by: Arathorn on March 3, 2005 04:23 PM
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