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February 28, 2005

best western actor ever

I offer this link to my beautiful blog-love who had never heard of the guy before.

I'm supposed to write a chapter in a western novel in a few weeks. Sam Elliot is the face of the character I have in mind when I write. He's got the looks, he's got the moustache and he's got the drawl. I can see him in my mind, throwing the slicker off his gunbelt and gripping his pistol. "Be careful, pilgrim. If you push this, somethin' ugly is gonna happen."

Sam Elliot is my western hero and I LOVE westerns as much as I hate horses. Hammer-headed fucks. Not Sam--- just horses.


Yep, Sam Elliot would be my first choice of western characters. Of course, you know the pic you have posted of yourself on here looks a lot like some pics of Sam, too!

Posted by: Michele on February 28, 2005 01:43 PM

My better half starts to get the vapors at the mere mention of his name (then again she likes Christopher Walken too). I like the guy. He seems to come across as an easy going but no bull shit kind a fella. Someone you wouldn't mind having a beer or two with , or have covering your back when TSHTF. That he was in at least on movie based on the Sacketts is a plus too.

Posted by: Guy S. on February 28, 2005 02:09 PM

All ya had to say was Tombstone!

Love it. And that has absolutely nothing to do with Val being the sexiest Doc ever...

Posted by: Key on February 28, 2005 02:23 PM

Takes a lot of hands to make a roundup. I'd put Sam in charge, with Selleck and Keith Carradine as his segundos.

Posted by: McGehee on February 28, 2005 03:54 PM

.. I met Sam on a flight from Chattanooga to DFW... he is a helluva guy..

Posted by: Eric on February 28, 2005 04:14 PM

I'm with Key. Tombstone ranks as one of my all time favs. And Kilmer was awesome.

Posted by: rightisright on February 28, 2005 04:16 PM

Sam Elliot might be the latest and greatest but nobody will ever top Ben Johnson.

Posted by: Willy on February 28, 2005 04:16 PM

Jump the fuck back....go for it!!!!

Posted by: Yabu on February 28, 2005 05:18 PM

The best line EVER in a western: "I'll be your huckleberry."

Posted by: Acidman on February 28, 2005 05:25 PM

I grew up working on ranches with guys like Sam's & Ben's characters.
'course, real ones didn't have QUITE the stylish duds.
But, they walked the walk.
I quickly learned to listen and learn. For survival.

Posted by: Dan Pursel on February 28, 2005 05:47 PM

I love Sam Elliot! Always have and always will. Whoo hoo.

Posted by: Kim on February 28, 2005 08:37 PM

Beef. It's what for dinner!

Posted by: Dan on February 28, 2005 09:18 PM

Growing up on the beach in San Diego, I dug him in "Lifeguard" (his first movie, I believe). If you like his acting style, you might want to check it out (lame plot, but he's good).

Posted by: Fred Jacobsen (San Fran) on February 28, 2005 09:59 PM

I'm my own huckleberry. It's less painful that way.

Posted by: Velociman on February 28, 2005 11:01 PM

OMG Acidman, thank you! I haven't seen one of his films for a long time. I know who I'm dreaming about tonight!

Posted by: Denise on March 1, 2005 03:09 AM

The funny thing about Doc Holliday was that he still practiced dentistry even after he went out west. Back in those days, licensed dentists were pretty rare, and barbers often served the same purpose in western towns. Doc probably would have been a well-paid professional if he hadn't been such a hell-raiser.

Sam Elliot was good in Tombstone, but I like his performance in Gettysburg better. When he takes his cavalry hat off, runs his hand through his hair and says "I've lived a soldier's life," you almost believe it.

Posted by: Chris on March 1, 2005 09:16 AM

Sam was great as the Sgt. Major in "When We Were Soldiers," too.

Posted by: Acidman on March 1, 2005 10:41 AM
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