Gut Rumbles

February 25, 2005

more mars & venus

Here's one from joni with the red toenails:

I think one of the big differences between men and women, and why relationships fail so often is because of the differences between men and women. Some difference adds variety and all, but too much and before long the couple is headed off in opposite directions.

Take one-night stands, for instance. For men, these don't seem to be a big deal. For some, they are a rite of passage. For a women to engage in such things (and further to brag about it) is a one-way, non-refundable ticket to whoredom. It may also be a reason women end up in bad relationships: What should have been a one-night stand (I slept with him, he's a turd, now I'll go on my merry way) ends up being a long, excruciating relationship because the woman wants to hang around and make it work. To make chicken salad out of chicken shit, so to speak. As in a good game of poker, you need to know when to fold 'em.

Men know this. Most women never learn it.

There's more, but my brain is tired!


I gotta put her back on my blogroll.

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