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February 09, 2005



Have you ever done this before? Get yourself into a school of dolphin (the FISH, not the mammals) and have yourself a field day? Hook ONE of those fish, drag him up to the boat, but don't reel him all the way in. The rest of his buddies will hang around and strike at almost anything you cast into the water after that. I put a squid on a hook and then just slap the bait on the water. You can catch dozens at a time that way.

That's a GREAT fish to eat any way you want to cook it, and a good-sized one will weigh about 20 pounds. They look yellow in the water and then turn a bright green color when you toss them in a cooler. Blunt-headed and ugly, they are delicious fish. That's what yankees call "Mahi-Mahi," which means "fish-fish" in Hawaiian.

I haven't seen a school of dolphin in a couple of years now. That picture brought back fond memories.

Stolen from here and he's got lots of other neat pictures, too.


You're going to get in a pissing fight with ignorant Yankees now. They think people really call dolphin "mahi mahi."

Posted by: Steve H. on February 9, 2005 05:44 PM
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