Gut Rumbles

February 03, 2005

i met a bunch of them

I've seen a lot of troops on their way overseas, some of them going for their second tour. I bought 'em drinks and meals and I shook their hands. I am proud of those men and wimmen.

Two things struck me about them. First, was their YOUTH! Sweet Bejus, but they look like kids to an old bastard like me. (They were kids. Some of them were too young to buy a beer in the airport.) Second was their ENTHUSIASM! They WANTED to go. That's what they trained for, that's what they signed up for and that's what they wanted to do. I didn't find a "pitiful me" in the bunch and I was impressed.

I ran across this blog and that's what made me remember those times in Atlanta and Tacoma when I actually had time to sit and talk to those people. Damn, but they are stalwart folks.

When we call them "America's Finest," we ain't kidding.

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