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January 10, 2005

he stuck it in his ear

Have you ever been fishing, reared back for a mighty cast and found your rod going nowhere when you came forward? Sure, you have. Usually, you look behind you and find a bush or a tree that snagged your line, so that's no big deal. Just part of fishing.

But once, I didn't snag a bush or a tree. I stuck a hook right through a friend's ear. I didn't catch the little hangy-down part, either. I got him in the upper lobe and the hook went clean through to the other side. I almost threw him out of the boat when I followed through on my cast. Trust me. You'll GO where your ear leads you in that situation.

He screamed. I screamed. It was a bloody, screaming crisis. When I saw what happened, I knew that I couldn't just pull the hook out, so I told my friend to hold still. I grabbed a set of wirecutters and snipped the barb off the end of the hook; then, I pulled the hook out of my friend's ear, poured some Jim Beam on the wound and stuck a band-aid on it.

We kept on fishing, although I was called "bastard" and "cocksucker" for the rest of the day. But I didn't take offense. I could understand his behavior.

His EAR was hurting.



Growing up, I used to go perch-fishing with my grandfather. He fishes, even though he's in his 70s now, pretty much every single good-weather day between May and September.
One day he was out alone and he somehow hooked his own hand, bad. It went all the way through the meaty party between his thumb and index finger. There was nothing he could do for himself, so he just drove the boat back to the dock, loaded his boat onto his trailer, and by the time he'd driven himself home, he had forgotten about the hook...until my grandmother got a glimpse of it and passed out on the kitchen floor.
Yeah, memories eh?

Posted by: Jay on January 10, 2005 06:47 PM

damn! I did that exact same thing. Hooked my brother clean through his ear lobe. Did the smae thing you did to get it out too. I know that had to hurt. But luckily he didn't hold it against me for too long.

Posted by: marcl on January 10, 2005 07:35 PM

I hooked myself in the nose on two occasions, but it wasn't serious. It's just, that's pretty damn close to the eye.

Posted by: dipnut on January 10, 2005 07:39 PM

Couldn't have been Catfish. I figure he'd a kicked your ass. :-)

Posted by: Jim - PRS on January 10, 2005 10:32 PM

I was, I think 5 or 6 fishing off a pier in Grand Haven, Michigan with my dad and maternal Grandpa one afternoon.

I wasn't the most coordinated or "aware" kid in the world.

I hooked a dude in the shorts walking behind me. As I remember it I almost snagged his nutsack.

Posted by: Justin Buist on January 10, 2005 11:36 PM

Apparently Jimmy Carter's new book has a bit in it regarding a time he got a fishing hook through his LIP, and the excruciating pain involved. Now PETA is after him because "fish feel the same pain", and Carter is still an avid fisherman...

...and the cover of his book is a picture of him holding up a big-ass fish he caught.

Posted by: Strider on January 11, 2005 11:30 AM

I was once the guy that got his ear hooked. One time, back when I was 14 or 15, I was standing near a guy who was fly fishing when I felt an impact on the side of my head. He'd hooked my earlobe on the cast but, fortunately, it didn't penetrate past the barb. I was able to pull the hook out easily. It didn't really hurt that much but it sure got my attention when it happened.

Posted by: RadarRider on January 11, 2005 05:42 PM

That got some good belly-laughs from me. Damn, musta hurt!

Once, when I was a kid, my kid brother took one of those retractable metal hooks outta my toolbox, snuck up behind me while I was on the computer and pinched it on my ear. Of course, when you let go of the handle, the spring forces the hooks closed, so i jumped, he let go, and the damn thing went through my ear.

Posted by: Dz on January 12, 2005 05:34 AM
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