Gut Rumbles

December 19, 2004


I like the various quotes I culled from other bloggers about me and posted on my sidebar. Hey! I don't mind the less-than-flattering ones. I'd rather make a shitty impression than no impression at all.

So, while I'm bored and listening to the howling arctic wind, imported from Canada (without official papers for crossing the US border, LET ALONE migrating to southeast Georgia), I'm going to keep myself warm by saying some nice, quotable things about other bloggers.

baldilocks: She ain't bad, even if she does live in California.

parkway Rest stop. Jim is a nice guy, when he's not hanging around in wimmen's bathrooms and leering.

mr. helpful. Hell, he said it better himself than I can: "This is the kind of guy who gives retards a bad name."

mad ogre. Damn pussy. I wish he'd say what he REALLY thinks once in a while.

hog on ice. A man's man and a macho storyteller... except for when he writes about baking light, fluffy pastries like some goddam French wussie.

evil white guy. I don't know how he came up with that name. He's not white. I'm not certain he's even from this planet.

oliver willis. Like aparagus-pee on the commode lid.

instapundit. How did a blog with THAT lame-ass name ever become so popular?

Feel free to use the quotes if you wish.

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