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October 08, 2004

a must read

Go read this. That interview echos the sentiments I heard from the Ranger Reunion in Tacoma. Especially this part:

VO: We're not questioning anybody else's service, we're questioning John Kerry's. To say that you can never question one guy's service is wrong. Kerry fudged and faked things that happened. In a six week time period, he received three purple hearts, a bronze star and a Silver Star. That's faster than Audie Murphy earned his medals in World War II.

Guys who served one or more full tours in Vietnam question how Kerry managed to earn that many medals so quickly. They call bullshit. Just look at the guy's record in the Senate and what he's done with his life after the war. Does THAT look like a fearless war hero to YOU?

I call bullshit, too.


In a lot of units awards were based on rank more than on merit. Also little known secret was that some units had a mandatory numbe of awards that they had to submit. Part two of that little secret was that the unit commander ( read small boat captain) was responsable for doing award writeups and approval.

Posted by: James Old Guy on October 8, 2004 02:03 PM

I've heard that too, James. And like most other fecal matter, it stinks. I can understand the small boat commander being able to do that for his men, but his own should come from higher up the chain of command.

Posted by: Mamamontezz on October 8, 2004 05:50 PM
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