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August 29, 2004

boiled peanuts, part II

She is trying to help, but she doesn't know what she's doing. Just check this (and CATFISH, I wouldn't mind your boiled peanut-eating input on this topic.)


Southern Recipes for you Damn Yankees.... ;)

- Boiled Peanuts:

I hate boiled peanuts, but then again, I'm from the North. You have to be a true Southerner to truly appreciate them.

1 lb. fresh, raw peanuts, in shells 10 oz. salt
1 gallon water

Wash in shell freshly harvested raw peanuts in cool water. Put 1 pound raw shelled peanuts in a large pan.. Cover with 1 gallon of water & add 10 ounces of salt (more salt may be added for a saltier taste). Allow peanuts to soak 2 hours . Peanuts will absorb some of the water. It may be necessary to add enough water to replace absorbed water. Place a lid on the pot & bring peanuts to a boil. Boil covered for 1 hour or until tender. If more saltiness is desired, let stand in hot brine. Drain. Peanuts may be eaten immediately or they may be frozen (allow to completely cool & put in airtight containers) They will keep indefinitely when frozen.

Got-dam!!! That is F-ing blasphemy!!! NOBODY who likes boiled peanuts cooks "one pound." One pound of boiled peanuts wouldn't feed an Effingham County SQUIRREL, for crying out loud. That is the most yankee-sounding recipe for boiled peanuts that I've ever read. Dammit, Girl, I believe in manners, but sometimes a man just has to show the way to a lost woman.

The REAL way to make boiled peanuts

1) Buy AT LEAST half a bushel (about 25 pounds). Buy a full bushel (which costs about $35 for 50 pounds if you have some real peanut-eaters coming to your party).

2) Take a water hose and wash all the sand off of them in your driveway. The sand is good for the sandy soil around here and it wets the peanuts down really well. You can do that without taking the peanuts out of the "croaker sack" they come in.

3) Fire up the propane cooker. Invite a couple of neighbors over and offer them a beer.

4) Fill a HUGE pot (I have one that will cook an entire bushel at one time) full of water right from the same garden hose that you washed the peanuts with and place it on the cooker. Dump the peanuts into the water right when you see bubbles coming up the side of the pot.

5) Offer everybody another beer.

6) Pull up a couple of lawn chairs and invite everybody to sit down. Add a FULL pound of salt to the water. Look at the pot and say, "Naw, that ain't enough," and add ANOTHER full pound of salt.

7) When the water starts to boil, turn the burner down to where the water is on a low simmer. Cover the pot with a lid and offer everybody another beer.

8) Let the peanuts cook for about an hour while you and your company exchange stories about horrible ex-wives, how dumb you were as a boy and how that new neighbor has a hottie for a wife.

9) Stick a ladle in the pot and fish out a bunch of peanuts. Throw 'em on a paper plate and pass the plate around. That's a Southern Sampler. Don't be ashamed to ask, "What'cha think?" People who know boiled peanuts will let you know EXACTLY what they think. I usually don't get many complaints. If somebody says, "Not too bad," I know I'm on the right track.

10) When the peanuts are tender but not quite salty enough, turn the propane flame off and allow the peanuts to soak for about an hour. When they start to sink to the bottom of the pot, they are ready to eat and as salty as they're going to get.

Then, pass out the paper plates and give everybody a turn at the ladle. Let 'em dish up what they want. The peanuts will be hot, but not so hot that they burn your tongue. If everybody starts eating and making those good, Southern grunting noises and the ladle never stays in the pot for long, you know that you done good.

THAT'S how you cook boiled peanuts.


Get about 10 to 15 pounds of fresh green peanuts. Wash those babies in colld water in the sink. I have a big pot, fill pot half full of cold water, add those jewels. Turn on the fire until they come to a boil, add my table salt to taste. Cook on medium heat for about one hour and a half hours, with the top of pot on tight. Turn off fire and let those nuts sit in they water for 30 mins to an hour. Then you have frsh green boiled peanuts.

Posted by: Catfish on August 29, 2004 07:47 PM

Acidman, is okay if I link to this recipe for Carnival of the Recipes?
If you get a double comment here, forgive me, it seems like my first comment asking permission didn't take.

Posted by: Beth Donovan on August 29, 2004 09:11 PM

I TOLD YOU the Catfish recipe would sound a lot like mine. He knows how to make boiled peanuts, too.

Posted by: Acidman on August 29, 2004 09:31 PM

I thought Dizzy Girl's recipe sucked! I was thinking, "Where in the hell is the salt?" I love boiled peanuts, but if they are salty then ya might as well throw em out. My mom usually cooks boiled peanuts for me in small volumes. I have never known my mom to cook them any other way than in the pressure cooker for about an hour. MmmmmmMMMmmmmm!

Posted by: Beth on August 29, 2004 09:45 PM

Hey now people!! Be gentle with this Damn Yankee. I wasn't raised on the nasty things, so I'm not an expert in cooking them. The only reason even tried in the first place was because my husband insists on eating them. Also, I found that recipe online.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the corner to pout. ;)

Posted by: Gennie on August 30, 2004 12:09 AM

Your boiled peanut recipe is a good one. However, the guy down the road adds handfuls of chopped home grown jalapeno peppers. He boils the peppers and peanuts together. Just Damn! They’re fiery hot and salty goodness. Gimme another beer please!

Posted by: Dax Montana on August 30, 2004 12:27 AM

Goddamnit, now THIS yankee wants to try some boiled penuts....
(you can tell by my fat ass that I don't turn down food much).
I don't know where I can get them raw around here in the great white north (of Illinois)....

Posted by: Graumagus on August 30, 2004 10:25 AM

When my brother lived in Ohio, 20 years ago, me and my Mama would Fed-ex him bushels of fresh green Georgia peanuts.

Posted by: Catfish on August 30, 2004 12:50 PM

Somebody take pity on a poor south Texas boy, here. I've always loved peanuts but never had boiled. Assuming I ever find green peanuts, I'll give 'em a try. Let me get it clear in my head, though. Boil them in the shell, right? Shell them before freezing or does it matter?
I know a lot more about Tex-Mex than I do Southron. Don't laugh too loud, at least I never put sugar on grits.

Posted by: Peter on August 31, 2004 03:51 AM

My recipe for boiled peanuts always consisted of car keys, my wallet, and a drive to the nearest roadside stand. Some things are best left to the professionals.

Posted by: ThomasD on September 4, 2004 02:42 PM

Just sitting here in Florida waiting for the fourth hurricane to make its way across the state and couldn't find anything in my recipe books for boiled peanuts. Thank god the power's still on so I could find your site. We're drinking wine instead of beer, but still having a good time. Thanks for your tips.

Posted by: Monique on September 25, 2004 08:05 PM

Loved the posts. I found you while looking for the pressure cooking version of boiled peanuts (mandatory while watching NASCAR) which I make for the ol' man. I must not have prepped them properly because it not only took for-friggin-ever, but the squealing of the pressure cooker undermined the sound of the cars (P.S. NOT a Nascar fan - fast, fast, fast, left, left, left - but do love the ol' man.) So what am I? What in the south, they call a damn Yankee - one who stays (Air Force, kids in school, and, the lack of snow doesn't hurt...). Now, who wants to know the proper way (learned while blending with the natives) for Lowcountry Boil aka Beaufort Stew aka Frogmore Stew. Pretty much the same recipe, but with the mandatory requirement of the south as with any cooking - beer for the cook! PS (again) throw this concoction on the table and the unfamilar will think they've gone to heaven, in a heathen kind of way. Did I mention newspapers spread out on the table while serving are mandatory - nothing but class while enjoying a kick-a** graze. Peace out, J.
Next leason - Oysters and etiquette - which would be an oxymoron in the south - remember primary ingredient of any of these previous Down South Recipe Posts is BEER! Oops, time for another...those peanuts are still boiling - concur with previous post of wallet, car, and pros because the proper way to eat them is to suck out the juice while breaking the "shell" to get to the nuts and then, in proper fashion, spitting the shell out the car window - nothing but class remember? Okay, I'm a little chatty, my theory of boiled peanuts is the southern folks found them easier to gum than to chew the hard ones sans teeth (oops, showing my Yankee...)

Posted by: Jeanette on October 3, 2004 08:14 PM

Ah come on on. now! Sh*t, just salt?????

How 'bout some cajun style boiled peanuts.

Have them cooking and soaking in some crabboil for that extra kick! Try it you might like it. Take it from a Louisiana person. The weather is hot but so is the food.

Posted by: Ton80 on February 3, 2005 10:01 AM

Ever since i lived in the south (Beaufort SC) Ive been dying to eat boiled peanuts. SInce they are hard to find in California, go figure, I have decided to cook up some for my self.
Now I know I will need to invite a couple of neighbors.

Posted by: retransplanted yankee on June 22, 2005 12:50 AM

I honestly believe that I can eat my body weight in boiled peanuts. Born & raised in Savannah I have eaten them prepared a million different ways. The 2 things always present are the salt and the precious beer. However, my daddy, a Birmingham boy, always added a cup or two of vinegar with the salt. I promise that it makes for some of the best boiled peanuts you will ever taste.

Posted by: Billy on October 5, 2005 12:56 AM

Now go easy on me, I am a friggin yankee from Montana that loves southern cookin. Worked some in northern Florida and Louisiana. While in Florida I made some rebel friends that made some incredible peanuts. Couldn't get their recipe put the gave me a couple pounds. I love em, and I'm going to boil some here soon. I've gopt the same problem as some of the other people here. I don't think peonuts grow this far north and there isn't a big demand for raw peanuts, I'll get some eventually and during our Superbowl party offend mt non-traveling friends. Any Ideas as to where I could lay my hands on some would be welcome. Happy new year everyone. Hope you are warmer than I am.

Posted by: Scott on December 31, 2005 10:12 PM

Awesome the good ole southern recipe for cookin boiled peanuts....but you left one thing out.....about every hour......lift the top cover and pour about 3 ounces of BUDWEISER IN THE WATER.......its a time honored SOUTH CAROLINA tradition......along with COLLEGE FOOTBALL !!!!

Posted by: BuzzGT on May 11, 2008 09:30 PM
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