Gut Rumbles

July 04, 2004

he probably grew rice in Vietnam, too

Now we know the truth. John Kerry is farmer at heart. He looks like one.

"I learned my first cuss word sitting on a tractor from the guy who was driving it," he said as the crowd chuckled. "And I learned as a kid what it was like to look in back of me, and see those rows, and see that pattern, and feel the sense of accomplishment. And end up dusty and dirty, tired but feeling great."

John Kerry--- gadzillionare man of the earth with tractor oil pumping through his veins. Ketchup farmer. Tiller of fertile fields when the woman has a lot of money.



The man can't help it can he.
No matter what he does...
...he still looks like a dork.

(nice finger on the trigger idiot)

Posted by: toddk on July 4, 2004 04:59 PM
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