Gut Rumbles

June 24, 2003

man! I do this a lot!

I just noticed that I have made 2,850 entries on this blog and received 10,028 comments in return. That's better than a 3-to-1 return on investment.

I wish my 401-K was doing that well.


It's better than Social Security. That's a 1 to 3 investment.

Posted by: Mrs. du Toit on June 24, 2003 06:10 PM

We're all happy to contribute to your blogvestment portfolio; just keep putting out!

Posted by: MommaBear on June 24, 2003 06:37 PM

Yeah acidman, keeping putting it out there so we don't shut up!
Indeed a great ROI for your blog. 8?)

Posted by: quark2 on June 24, 2003 07:36 PM

You should be happy - I am afraid I am mimicing the Social Security model.

Posted by: Carl on June 24, 2003 09:17 PM

Well, whatevers worse than SSI is where I am so far....But hell, as long as I have Gut Rumbles, who needs Brain Farts? rotflmao

Posted by: stevie on June 24, 2003 10:05 PM
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