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May 02, 2003

wet cunt

When I picked Quinton up today, I was in the way of backhoes and earth-moving equipment. Black guys at work there cursed at me when I pulled into the Bloodless Cunt's driveway while some dickhead on a 'hoe wanted to back out through a hole in the privacy fence.

I was very polite.

I got out of my truck. I said "FUCK YOU!!!" as loudly as I could. I said, "I am here to pick up my goddam SON, from my ex-wife and you minimum-wage fuckheads building the SWIMMING POOL in my ex-wife's back yard can KISS MY CRACKER ASS!!! If you think I'm going to change the trajectory of my day for YOU, you can stick that backhoe up your bossy black ass. I won't be here for long, and you can take a Got-Damn time out. I ain't moving."

I reached inside my truck and dragged out the lug wrench. "I'm going to pick up my son, then you can go back to work. Unless one of you wants to come and MOVE MY FUCKING TRUCK FOR ME!"

I was quivering. I actually hoped that one of the mouthy idiots WOULD try to fuck with me. I haven't been that angry since high school, right before a fistfight. But they stopped their work.

Quinton came charging out the door about then.

I said, "Get in the truck, kiddo, and let's go." He did, and so did I.

The BC emerged then, smirking as always, to tell Quinton goodbye. I said, "A swimming pool, huh? Is that my Child Support At Work?"

"Rob, you know I don't need YOUR money to afford a swimming pool."

That's true. She makes over $100,000 a year, she fucked me over to a fare-thee-well, and I have to pay HER every month. She cashes every check, too. There is something incredibly wrong with that picture. But I didn't write the rules. I just have to play by them.

I really hope that Quinton enjoys the swimming pool.


Dear Acidman :)

I found your blog about 2 weeks ago :)
Your posts about your son are gut wrenching.
It seems to me as though your exwife is having one big power trip over you.
That bitchy comment was a power trip in front of her son.
So obviously her powertrips are more important than degrading her sons Father in front of him.
And believe me when your Mother does this to your Father, it makes you feel bad inside.
Been there.
It's hard to think of answers to bitchy remarks sometimes but I wish you could have answered her back.
How about something as simple as "you have done your uttermost to get your hands on it including this house"?
Can't you go back to court, and try for an amendment to the divorce settlement?
Also why don't you go back to court, and try for Joint custody.
Where you would have your son 50% of the time, and she has to pay you child support when he is with you.
If you don' t go away on business trips, and she does, this would be in your favour.
Why not even try for primary care?
I know you can get orders that would dictate that he is to be given to you anytime she goes on a business trip.
But I think you should push for joint or primary custody.
She has all the power over you, and is jerking you around.
As she gets more power over you this will encourage her to go for more and more.
You're going to have to fight her.
Right now you are not an equal to her, (I mean in having a say over your son legally), and having to always "consult" her in everything, not *discuss* as equals.
(And she has all the power over your son, and can use him as a weapon to have power over you.)
It's depressing when you say she was the love of your life.
Maybe you only thought she was?
As your perception of her was obviously wrong.
She obviously could throw you away without a second thought.
When your son is 12 can't he decide where he wants to live?
Don't the courts let the children basically choose what they want at that age in your state?

Regards, Jenny

PS: Why don't you counteract her sexism in not allowing (and that's what is so wrong it should not be up to her to "allow" - go back to court!) you 50% of your sons time.
At work tell her she is inferior and not capable of doing her work because only a man could do the job properly.
Or tell her whenever you see her outside of work whenever she has a powertrip over your son.
Tell her "yes its the same with you and work you shouldn't be a manager you only have it because your female you can't do the job proplerly, etc".
Or question on what "abilities" she got her job.
You said she does do her job properly but so do you as a Father, and does she acknowledge that?
I mean use it as a way to confront her sexism towards you.

Your exwife reminds me of my Mother.
If I ever have children I have always sworn to myself if the Father and I break up he will have them 50% of the time.
Everyone needs there Dad.
Not a part time Dad.
A fulltime Dad.

Posted by: Jenny on May 2, 2003 11:04 PM

Jenny I've BEEN to court. That's how I got where I am.

I paid a lawyer $1,500 for the tour, I got fucked by my lawyer AND my ex, and I am done with that shit.

Once burnt, twice learnt

Posted by: Acidman on May 2, 2003 11:26 PM

Yanno, I love your cranky crackerness, but IMHO saying "MY Child support" in front of your son was a real asshole move.

Posted by: margi on May 3, 2003 12:17 AM

Just to clarify, I've been an asshole a time or two, myself. Just sayin'.

Posted by: margi on May 3, 2003 12:18 AM

Hi Acidman,

I am fairly sure that I would not be able to endure those circumstances.

The bloodlessness of it all is just brutal.

The smirking and the power plays would just make me blow a brain gasket.

Posted by: bleeding brain on May 3, 2003 04:30 AM

Margi, you are correct. But I believe that I have been much LESS of an asshole than I could justify being through all of the shit she's thrown at me.

Are you suggesting that SHE hasn't been a TOTAL ASSHOLE about the divorce? I would argue that point.

Posted by: Acidman on May 3, 2003 06:59 AM

You don't suppose that swimming pool isn't just another play to try to get Quinton and his local friends there to stay with her instead of coming to your house, just like the wrestling, etc. ?? Just a thought of another possible ploy by her to undercut you.

Posted by: MommaBear on May 3, 2003 10:32 AM

Your thinking is like mine, MB. Could it be that with age comes cynicism? I hope it's not paranoia. I also hope Acidman continues to manage his anger. She's not worth him sitting in jail. Besides, I doubt they'd let him have a laptop and you know we couldn't take that!

Posted by: Indigo on May 3, 2003 03:21 PM
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