Gut Rumbles

December 29, 2009


Originally published June 8, 2004

Recondo 32 and his lovely wife Georgia came by the Crackerbox this afternoon in their USED brand-new Mustang, muscle-car convertible. We went out to eat lunch at Weisenbacker's restaurant. We filled our bellies and decided to go joy-riding.

Georgia tied a really colorful doo-rag around my head to keep my hair out of my eyes. She and Recondo donned doo-rags, too, and off we went into the bright Georgia sunshine. In a convertible. With black leather upholstery. A convertible with black leather upholstery that had been PARKED IN THE SUN for an hour or so! That was nice.

I have a second-degree burn on the right cheek of my ass.

But, I'll tell you what... we looked COOL tearing down the road in that car. We had our doo-rags flapping, the wind whistling in our ears and that throaty roar from the "stang's" engine making me think of what a pussy-getting car THIS would be if I ONLY had one back in high school. Bejus!

I was returned unharmed, hours later, to the Crackerbox and no ransom was paid for my release.

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