Gut Rumbles

June 02, 2009


Originally published March 11, 2004

Who can remember the products advertised by these slogans?

*Take a puff... it's SPRINGTIME!

*A little dab will do you.

*We're #2. We try harder.

*We'd rather fight than switch.

*"I'm Gertie Smirts. I iron shirts. I iron shirts 'till my fingers hurt."

*Mr. Whipple.

*See the USA... (sung by Dinah Shore)

*Where's the beef?

*I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

*A silly millemeter longer

*"Look Ma! No hands!"

*I'd walk a mile for...

*I'm coo-coo! Coo-coo!

*Tastes great... and they are mild.

*It's the soap that floats!

*It's TWO! TWO! TWO mints in one!

*Less filling, tastes great!

*The King of Beers

If you don't know the answers, I'll post them later.

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