Gut Rumbles

February 27, 2009

penis, vagina and other sexual objects

Originally published February 10, 2004

I like having a dick, but I really worship the female body. They are just so different, with unique aromas, smooth skin and very sensual bodies. A good lover who you gives herself to you totally is someone you will remember for a long time.

Some wimmen fuck because they feel obligated to pay you for the meal and the drinks you bought. I don't like that. Some wimmen fuck just because they like doing it. I like that just fine, but it's still not what I seek anymore. I like making love,

Kissing, intimacy, touching and getting to know what the other person likes is more important to me today. I asked my partner in Jamaca to let me see her nekkid. She got out of bed, did this ballet pirouette and asked me what I thought. I told her that she was beautiful and blessed with one of the finest asses I had ever seen. I don't know if she gave me a coutresy fuck that night or if she really wanted to have sex with me. Either way, the content was fine.

We didn't do it again. I told her from the beginning that sex was not a codicil on this trip, and we got along fine that way, even though I did enjoy watchining her brush her teeth nekkid in the bathroom. She's a good-looking woman. I couldn't have picked a better partner.

I want to take her back again, when her head is a little more clear. She's been through some shit that lasts for a while. Well, so have I. That crap is not easy to get over. I still feel the knife in my back every day. I believe that she does, too.

But someday, I see her doing the nekkid piourette and dancing into my bed with true passion in her veins. Maybe that's a dream I'll never realize. But ii's damn sure one worth chasing, and I will chase it.

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