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February 21, 2009

Last shot

Originally published February 8, 2004

I had prostate surgery on Tuesday, July 9th, 2001. I was impotenet for the next 19 months.

Sunday night, I rented a motel room and called an ecscort service. I asked them to send two wimmen to my room for two hours. Once we settled on a price, they were on their way. That was my go out in a blaze of glory night.

They did anything I asked them to do and they were "friendly" with themselves, too. I told them that I was probably going to lose Roscoe, so I asked for an honest appraisal from wimmen who see a lot of dicks. "What do you think of my dick?" I asked.

Caren said, "It's a beautiful dick. One of the best I've ever seen"

"There ain't no tip in this, girls. Just tell me truth. I'm going to lose this dick in two days. Is it any good or not.?"

Nancy did a full examination, with everything but 8X10 glossy photos attached.

"You have a nice cock that's over 8" long. But your cock is long and skinny. If you had some girth to go with the length, you wouid be hell on wheels. I like the fact that you're not circumsised. Unclipped cocks are more fun to play with. Like this," and Nancy proceeded to play.

I got my money's worth and sent both girls away happy (I tipped Nancy $10 for reminding me that I had a long, skinny cock with no serious girth. At least she was honest).

After the girls left, I remember looking down at my cock and KNOWING that I would never have another night like that one. I never have, either. I still think about Nancy, however, because when I asked her that cock question, she took it seriously. She told me that night that on a scale on one-to-ten, my cock was a serious eight and one-half.

I lost all the original Roscoe two days later. I spent 19 months totally impotent and wondering if I wanted to live in the shape I was in. I did a lot of deep thinking back then.

I met a woman who didn't mind that I couldn't fuck. ""I don't care if your dick works. Feed me, talk to me and sleep with me. I've been fucked enough for one life. Just sleep with me tonight.'

Do you know what I could do tonight? Call Nancy for a re-inspection.

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