Gut Rumbles

February 10, 2009


Originally published February 6, 2004

I became a leader by accident. I was the dumbass standing there with a thumb up my ass when I realized that nobody else in that room intended to make a decision. Keep that thumb up your ass, call a discussion, do group hug and hope desperately that eveything solves itself.

That's when an asshole like me exracts the thumb and starts giving orders. People follow them because nobody else has the balls to GIVE then. Somebody has got to do something when no one else will. I don't allways follow procedure, either, but I get the fucking job done.

Coprotate weenies write about procesdure they've never seen. They wear coats and ties and dream about a work world they'll never know because they don't WANY to know it. The want to live in the Tower of Power and play politics.

I spent 24 years doing the real deal. They don't have a swinging dick in that plant who knows more than I do about runniing that heartless bastard. But they've got some fine ass-kissers.

I couldn't name more than three who would amount to a pimple on my ass.

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