Gut Rumbles

September 08, 2008

What the hell?

Originally published January 2, 2002

The crystal-blue skies that hurt my eyes yesterday were kidnapped last night by a bunch of glowering, gray clouds that hung low, like bull testicles, spitting rain and sleet throughout the night and making my night-vision-impaired self drive to work at 5:30 this morning relying on the white lines at the side of the road to guide my way. My thermometer on the back porch read 36 degrees this morning. After a day of working through rain and sleet, freezing my cracker ass off and becoming entirely disgusted by the weather, it read 34 degrees when I arrived home this evening. The forecasters predict an 80% chance of sleet and snow tonight.

THIS IS SOUTH GEORGIA FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!! If I wanted this kind of weather, I would move to Chicago or Buffalo or Green Bay, one of those frozen tundra places where they play OK football but no Southern boy ever needs to be. Every bone and connective-tissue injury I ever inflicted upon myself in my life has come back to haunt me today, and it's supposed to be COLDER TOMORROW! That in itself is enough to piss me off so that I wax philisophical. I've turned up the thermostat and it's Bloggin' time.....

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