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August 09, 2008

Great movie lines

Originally published March 1, 2005

Do YOU know who said these lines and what movie they came from?

1) "Custer was a pussy. You ain't."

2) "I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man!"

3) "It ain't your WORD that counts. It's who you GIVE IT TO."

4) "You don't leave a man much, do you?" (Reply: "You didn't bring much with you.")

5) "I'm the pater familias!"

6) "Music, yes! Music is very good for the digestion!"

7) "I'd like to... suck...his... cock."

8) "Dirt. Dirt in the fuel line. Just blowed it away."

9) "Open pod bay doors, Hal. Hal? Open pod bay doors."

10) "You go on down there, if you've got the nerve. But them ain't wimmen and children waiting on you. Them's Cheyenne and Souix braves. Go down there and there won't be nothin' left but a greasy spot. So, you go on, if you've got the nerve."

My head is chocked full of useless trivia.

(And if Velociman doesn't know #6, I'm going to be very disappointed in him.)

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