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August 08, 2008

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Originally published March 1, 2005

This is one of the best posts I've ever read about what we are doing in Iraq. And the longer we stay there, the more lame the anti-war people sound when they bleat about what a "disaster" or a "quagmire" it is.

Just look around. Tell me our presence in Iraq hasn't sent "fallout" all over the Middle East. Tell me that we didn't lance a festering boil on the ass of the world. Tell me that the relief isn't felt by millions of people and millions of others DON'T want the same kind of relief. Dream on.

We were headed for a war there eventually anyway. The place was a sump, ruled by manicial leaders with brutish regimes who sat upon incredible wealth while treating their people worse than dogs. If we were going to give the world an enema, we'd put the tube in the Middle East. We did that with the Third Armored Division from Fort Stewart, Georgia.

People continue to die in this struggle, but the numbers (in MY mind anyway) are acceptable when you consider the final outcome. Freedom isn't free. And every troop on the ground over there is fighting for US just as much as he is fighting for the freedom of Afghanistan or Iraq. And we are winning.

I see a tremendously impressive part of history unfolding before me. We ARE changing the world, for the better. It's gonna take some time and the price won't be cheap. We still have some really diseased people to eliminate before this is over.

But if we're willing to pay that price, the dividends will be everlasting.

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