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July 01, 2008


Originally PUBLISHED June 27, 2005

Thanks to loyal reader and frequent commenter Henry Blowfly, I now possess a TUBE of genuine Australian Vegemite. I'm going to try some today and see if I survive the experience. I think I'll test it on toast first.

I liked the note he sent with the Vegemite:

"Most kids in Australia grew up with this stuff spread on toast for breakfast, spread on sandwiches for lunch, sometimes in combination with cheese or lettuce, and on crackers for school snacks, and it would be rare to find a home in Australia that did not have a jar stored in the pantry. .... It always makes me smile when I see a little Chinese/ Australian or Italian toddler with his face smeared with Vegemite."

Well, Pete, this Jawja Cracker intends to have some smeared on HIS face today. I owe it to my Australian "mates" to at least TASTE their "national food." I'll try ANYTHING once.

And I will post a review of my experience.


Well, knock me down with an emu feather!

I had forgotten that I sent Acidman a tube of Vegemite from here in Australia. We exchanged some rather pithy emails when he wrote that he had been spreading my beloved national dish on boiled shrimp.
I think the words "barbarian", "philistine", and "GFY" were mentioned, especially when I gave him my opinion of HIS national dish, - *eeww* - grits.

All in good fun. He was a good writer and a funny man.

Posted by: Henry Blowfly on July 6, 2008 11:02 AM
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