Gut Rumbles

May 19, 2008


Originally PUBLISHED September 24, 2004

Four hours without power and Jeanne hasn't really done diddly around here. Oh, we've had some wind and rain, but nothing spectacular. I think I know what happened.

Georgia called me around 4:00 this afternoon to tell me that HER power was off. As we were talking, her power came back on. Mine went off at almost the exact, same moment. Georgia SUCKED ALL THE ELECTRICITY OUT OF RINCON and sent it to Bluffton, South Carolina, right through her cell phone. I was the dupe she used to do it, too.

She left me in the dark for four fucking hours. I got an ear-worm during that time. What band played "Time of the Season" back in the late 60's?

See what happens to me when I'm left alone in the dark? I start to talk to myself and my mind wanders off in strange directions. It's all Georgia's fault.

I can't think of any other logical explanation.

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