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April 19, 2008

5 rules

Originally published May 29, 2003

I need no preamble.

1) Work hard at whatever you do. Learn all you can every chance you get.

2) Don't whine and make excuses when you fuck up. EVERYBODY DOES! Accept the blame and learn from your mistakes. Don't ever make the same one again.

3) Treat people fairly, but don't EVER believe that you can treat everyone the same way. People are different.

4) Understand that some people you'll have to bark at, and some people you don't have to bark at to get the same job done. Bark at the ones who need it. Don't bark at everybody.

5) Always remember that you are in charge, but you are not God. Listen to the people who work for you. Encourage your people to say, "Are you SURE you want to do that?" when you say something stupid. If you are in charge, you WILL say stupid things from time to time, because you're looking at too much input at one time. Learn to listen to the guy who does ONE JOB every day when you're wrong. Heed good advice.

That's the kind of boss I try to be.

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