Gut Rumbles

April 19, 2008


Originally published August 15, 2003

When a failure of the power grid throws a large portion of the country into darkness, it's big news. That news was everywhere today. But the REALLY big news is that people seemed to cope with the outage calmly and rationally. They didn't riot. They didn't go on looting sprees. They didn't burn down any neighborhoods.

Some of the reporting I saw from New York was absolutely amazing. A 60 year-old school teacher was out in the street directing traffic at a busy intersection. She just saw a problem and decided to fix it. She had never directed traffic before, but she was doing such a good job that somebody came up and gave her a coach's whistle to use. That's when she ran the reporters off, saying, "I'm sorry, but you're really in the way here."

I saw ordinary people doing things like that all over the place. I saw businessmen in coats and ties sleeping on the sidewalk. I saw strangers picking up people holding up destination signs to give them a ride home. I saw people actually laughing about what a big pain in the ass the whole blackout was. The sights made me proud to be an American.

What I saw today is a far cry from the 1977 power outage. I believe that the difference is the effect of 9/11 on Americans in general and the effect of Rudy Giuliani on New York City. We are more willing to pull together during adversity than we were before 9/11 and New York City is a lot more civilized after Giuliani's term in office. Could you see New York handling the crisis as well under David Dinkins?

Of course, some pus-bag political opportunists took advantage of the situation to fire away at George Bush. What else do you expect out of a dung beetle such as Hillary Clinton?

"I happen to think that making sure we have a reliable, affordable system of energy is a national priority - and I don't think that this administration sees it that way," Clinton told CNN's "Larry King Live."

You didn't think that way when you your husband was President. You and Bubba had eight years to fix the problem and you did nothing. Don't point fingers now.

And ESPECIALLY DON'T DO THAT SHIT when people seem to be handling the crisis okay on their own. What were you trying to do last night, Hillary? Stir up a riot or two? Bejus! I have nothing but contempt for a politician who uses a volitile situation for personal aggrandizement. If Hillary gave a damn about her constituents, she would have been telling them to stay calm, help where you can and wait until everything is repaired.

But Hillary doesn't give a damn about her constituents. They are proles she needs to be elected. She gives a damn about HILLARY!

When the lights are back on, everybody can point all the fingers they want to point. But let's get the lights back on first.

What will be amusing in the aftermath is hearing the Democrat lynch-mob calling for an upgrade of the power grid and a guarantee that a similar outage will never happen again. How they'll pull that stunt without admitting that they are so beholden to radical environmentalists that THEY THEMSELVES are the reason our power system is not what it ought to be should be interesting.

They oppose building new power plants, they oppose drilling in the ANWR, they oppose nuclear power and they oppose everything nutball outfits such as Greenpeace tell them to oppose. They oppose EVERYTHING that could give us uninterruptable energy supplies, but they want uninterruptable energy, too.

We might actually have some fascinating debate about this blackout, and it might be fun to watch.

But let's get the lights back on first.

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