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April 11, 2008


Originally published August 9, 2003

Judging from what I read in the comments a few posts below, I conclude that some people don't know what "chitlins" are. Please allow me to enlighten you ignorant, citified yankees.

I've seen them packaged in a grocery store and the label always says "chitterlings." I never heard a person in my life who ever ate them pronounce the word that way. "Chitterlings," my ass. They are CHITLINS.

My family didn't eat chitlins when grandpa butchered a hog. We ate the "cracklins," which some people know as pork rinds today. That's deep-fat (lard back in those days) fried pig skin. Cracklin gravy is damn good when poured over biscuits for breakfast. Cracklins by themselves are good.

But chitlins are hog intestines, and I never ate them until later in life. The hog-guts were scooped up and taken to "nigger camp," (remember where I grew up) and they were sold for a nickel a pound, shit and all. They sold quickly, too.

Chitlins can be boiled, stewed or fried. I prefer them fried, but I've eaten them every way they can be prepared. I've heard about the different ways to "clean" chitlins. They can be hand-slung, stump-whomped or finger-squeezed. No matter how you do it, you've got to whip the shit out of them. Nobody want to eat chitlins with a stray hog-turd still lurking in there.

They taste pretty good. You oughta try some.

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