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April 03, 2008

It's my opinion

Originally published August 2, 2003

I left a comment over on marc's blog about bottled water. Here is what I said:

I can drink out of the fucking toilet around a three day-old turd. That's why I never get sick. I grew up in a coal mining camp and my auto-immune system is finely-tuned. I drank BROWN WATER as a child.

You bottled-water drinking people need to stick that crap in an enema bag and squirt that $2.00 per pint bullshit up your yuppie asses.

Goddam. I can buy LIQUOR that doesn't cost as much as your WATER. Buncha pussies.

To me, bottled water symbolizes everything that has gone wrong with this country since the goddam Great Society brain-fart was hatched. We've pussified damn near three generations now by promising them a risk-free life. There IS NO SUCH THING, PEOPLE!!! Ya pussies.

I took polio shots as a child because the "swimming hole" was flowing with raw sewage anytime some bastard upstream took a shit in the outhouse he built over the river because he was too lazy to dig a hole in the rocky ground. I took shots for cholera and diptheria, too. Nobody gave a shit about second-hand smoke and we breathed leaded-gas exhaust emissions, coal dust and wood-smoke every day without dying. In fact, we seldom got sick.

Now, we have legions of neurotic fuckwads who are "allergic" to smoke, mold, new carpet, flouridated water, water-based paint, the air, the dirt, the daylight and the night. You know what the bare-assed, nekkid truth about those people is? THEY ARE FUCKING PUSSIES!!!

Goddam. We once grew pioneers in this country. Now we grow whining pussies by the bushel. I blame environmentalists and trial lawyers for this bullshit.

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