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March 28, 2008

Vacations suck!

Originally published April 28, 2003

I enjoyed ten glorious days off and I didn't do a single constructive thing the entire time. I went nowhere, I had no great adventures and I spent very little money.

I blogged, ate, drank, had a few visitors over and pretty much laid around like a hound-dog in the shade. If I didn't really WANT to do something, I just didn't do it. If I didn't HAVE to do something, I DAMNED sure didn't do it. That vacation was the best I've had in years.

Everybody who has a job where people expect you to DO THINGS and BE SOMEWHERE and MEET DEADLINES and FINISH THAT ASSIGNMENT all the time should do just what I did once every year. Get really lazy and say "FUCK ALL OF THAT!!!" For the next 10 days I AM MY OWN BOSS! And I gave MYSELF the assignment of sitting on my ass, playing some music, watching a few movies, reading a book and working on my suntan.

I actually went back to work today with my batteries recharged. I felt good and I WANTED to work. I knocked out week-old stuff piled up from when I was gone that I usually would take all week to finish. I did it all before noon today.

When I sat down at my computer this morning (I arrived at the plant at 5:30 this morning because of all the catching up I KNEW I had to do), and saw the 196 emails to read, the pop-up notices for all the meetings I am expected to attend this week and all the production numbers I had to digest, I actually felt energized.

Usually, after a weeks vacation, when I see all of that crap on my first day back, I want to pull my trash can over between my legs and puke in it. Not today.

I am glad that I didn't go to Merlefest. I am glad that I didn't go ANYWHERE, except to Randall's Liquore Store and to Kroger's. I need to take vactions like that one more often. I've had a lot of shit dumped on me over the past two years and I've spent my time off trying to run out from under it all. GO SOMEWHERE! DO SOMETHING!!

I didn't run this time. I didn't even walk. I sat on my ass or laid in a lawn chair in my own sunny driveway.

The experience did me good.

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