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March 25, 2008

Chicks crap

Originally published April 25, 2003

I wrote this reply to an email I received from a British (actually, he say's that he is Irish) reader in response to the Dixie Chicks controversy.

Our US Constitution has its roots in English common law. As you said, I would put myself in harm's way to protect someone's right to voice an unpopular opinion, even if I disagreed with it, as long as it was THE GOVERNMENT attempting to shut him up. My government has done NOTHING to silence the Chicks, Tim Robbins, Michael Moore or ANY of their ilk.

Free-thinking people just like me said that they were full of shit. That's the risk they took when they opened their mouths.

If they can't live with that fact, fuck them, each and every one. It's NOT political at all. It's a market choice. If you're going to enter the business of selling yourself to the public, become a "celebrity" and rely on other people's money to finance your career, DO NOT serve up what the public doesn't want to hear and then whine when they don't buy it.

The government never repressed a single one of those people and they were never silenced by the heavy hand of Washington, DC. They opened their OWN stupid mouths and stuck their OWN stupid foot in there. FREE PEOPLE objected to what they said, not the government. They just want to be asswipes without being treated like asswipes for doing it. Cry me a fucking river.

This fact is obvious to me. Why do so many people have a difficult time understanding it?

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