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March 23, 2008

An Easter post

Originally published March 27, 2005

I am not a religious man. But I do not criticize other people's beliefs. My mama was VERY religious and her church stood by her to the end of her life. I see nothing but good and comfort in that kind of behavior. I'll jump all over you about your political beliefs and I'll attack you mercilessly if I think you're full of shit about anything else.

But I will NEVER question your religious beliefs. I figure that you found yours pretty much the same way I found mine, and no amount of debate is going to change anybody's mind. That topic is off-limits to me, although I may blog about what I believe from time to time. But that's just MY BUSINESS, and I'm not going to try to change your mind about what you believe.

That's why I don't like this kind of crap. Any time somebody resorts to a Biblical argument to attack what you believe as a rational person, you're dealing with a zealot who who already has a mind set in concrete. Nothing you say will break that concrete and arguing with that kind of person is futile.

I've known Baldi as a blog-friend for a long time. I admire her independence, her outspoken manner and the way she writes. (She looks pretty hot, too. I'd love to jump her bones if I weren't so afraid that her mama would shoot me!) She and I disagree on religion, but that has NEVER been a point of contention between us.

I really don't understand why the Terri Shavio case has generated so much bile and virtiol in blogdom. I don't care if her husband is a complete scumbag. I would not want to "live" the way she has been doing for the past 11 years. And I don't know why the Federal Government feels compelled to get involved in what really is a very minor matter.

It doesn't take much to inspire people to heights of stupidity today. I just wish we paid more attention to really important things instead of this bullshit.

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