Gut Rumbles

March 22, 2008


Originally published April 25, 2003

I just left a few tracks on a couple of blogs that I read regularly. I also received some feedback from idiots, too.

I LOVE IT when someone from Canada, who probably sees a black person once every three years tells ME about how black people think. How the hell would YOU KNOW? The workforce I supervise is 75% black, and MY ASS is on the line for being a racist every time I attempt to disciple one of them. Ever been THERE, Jane? I reckon not.

I have. So don't sit on your frozen Canadian ass and tell ME about racism in the Deep South. That weathervane has turned 180 degrees. Now, blacks cry "RACISM!" any time they fuck-up and the burden is on YOU to prove that you're NOT a racist.

Live with THAT SHIT for 23 years. THEN tell me how smart you are.

Heh. You won't last 30 days. The pirhanas will eat you for lunch.

That's the difference between a bleeding-heart liberal and ME. I understand my fellow man.

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