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March 21, 2008

Random stuff

originally published July 24, 2003

I deleted a couple of defunct blogs from my roll and added a couple of others. I'm really going to miss the ones I deleted, but they deleted themselves first.

I left a couple of nasty comments to people who have blogs that hurt my eyes to read. I have a simple question to ask here: If you read books all of your life with black type on a white page, WHY THE FUCK do you think white type on a black page makes some kind of cosmic statement? Why do some people do red-on-pink, for that matter?

What is WRONG with you people? Long ago, I took some good advice from a Creative Writing instructor who told me that when I sent missives off for publication, I should make them EASY TO READ. He said, "Rob, these editors read manuscripts all day long. That's what they do for a living. They'll shit-can something that taxes their concentration as soon as they see it. You want YOUR manuscript to be EASY to read. Otherwise, NOBODY is going to read it. Use good paper, large fonts and double-space every line. I don't care how goddam good you may write. If you make it difficult to READ, nobody's gonna look at it."

I know many a blogger who should heed that advice.

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