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March 19, 2008

Today sucked

Originally published July 23, 2003

The shutdown was just as bad as I expected it to be. Things were going fairly well until a goddam semi-hurricane blew over the plant at about 1530 today and the lights went out. Everything crashed and burned.

My shift supervisor was over in personnel dealing with a termination issue and I was running the show.

I knew from the outage where the problem was, but even GOOD electricians (and thank Bejus I have a couple of good ones) don't like resetting 13,800-volt breakers in a driving rainstorm. I don't like that, either. Shit can blow up and kill you when you do that.

I am good with all the hazardous materials. Give me acid, chlorine, caustic, titanium tetrachloride and every bit of the rest I deal with. I can handle it. I am trained and certified to deal with that lethal crap. It doesn't frighten me.

But you show me a substation door with "DANGER: 13,800 VOLTS," and I am out of my comfort zone there. I don't like to be around it, I don't like to open those doors and I wish fervently that I never had to do any of that crap. But I HAVE TO sometimes, and I am eternally grateful that I have electricians who can handle that shit in a driving rainstorm.

Nothing blew up and the electricians restored power. After that, it was my job to get everything running again. I KNOW how to do that.

I must admit one thing. "Reddy Killowatt" is no friend of mine.

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