Gut Rumbles

March 14, 2008


Originally published April 21, 2003

merlefest doesn't start until Thursday, but I'm thinking about heading for North Carolina on Wednesday. I thought about leaving tomorrow, but I don't feel like packing right now.

(BEJUS! I just heard a kid walking down my hallway again! I got up to see and no one was there. I am NOT kidding. This crap is getting spooky. I think the Crackerbox is haunted.)

Where was I? Okay, I might go Pisgah National Forest on Wednesday and camp for a night, then go to the festival the next day. Or I might not. I'll play whatever I do on the first bounce. Too much of my work life involves serious planning. I'll be damned if I'm going to PLAN while I'm on vacation. Fuck that.

I was supposed to have a woman over here tonight to eat boiled shrimp with me. But I didn't call her and she didn't call me and I don't feel like taking a shot in my dick this evening anyway. She might want some rumpus, swing from the ceiling fan sex and I'm really not up (HA!!) for that. I don't want any company, to tell the truth.

So much for planning. Maybe I'll see if she wants to come over tomorrow. Maybe I won't.

I just don't want to commit to ANYTHING right now.

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