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March 13, 2008

Just pissing around

Originally published April 21, 2003

Since I don't have a damned thing that I MUST DO today, I've been slurping Bloody Marys and listening to music this morning. I have decided a few things.

* The best folk song ever written is Gordon Lightfoot's "Early Morning Rain." That is one hell of a good song. It's got everything a folk song should have. I actually play it better than HE does, but that's just MY humble opinion.

* The best lead guitar riffs ever played is the shit Mark Knopfler does with Dire Straits in "Sultans of Swing." That's squeezing a guitar neck until it chokes. I CANNOT play that better than he does.

* Whatever happened to Mary Chapin Carpenter? "Mary's Land" is a damned good song, but I suspect that she is one of those people who spent years making it to the Big Time, then couldn't crank out the music anymore. If you write two songs per year and spend ten years doing it, you have 20 songs when you are discovered. That's not Paul Simon or Billy Joel proclivity. That's a Roman Candle. A couple of big bursts, then gone.

* It it just ME, or does old Elvis Presley music STILL sound good? I don't give a shit what you think. Elvis remains the KING! That man could sing some bad-assed rock-n-roll.

* I shouldn't listen to the Beatle's White Albumn. Whoa. That brings back too many memories.

* John Prine is my idol. I drank a beer with him once at Kevin Barry's on River Street, but I want to sleep on his couch for about a week and try Deuling Lyrics. I play guitar better than John does, but he writes better songs than I do. I want to camp out with that guy.

* I wish that Linda Rondstat never got fat. She has the best voice for a female that I've ever heard. She makes "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me" walk like a dog. That woman can SING!

* I want to see Stevie Nicks nekkid. I can't help myself. Fleetwood Mac is a damned good band and Stevie is a sexy woman.

* I want to marry Emmylou Harris and cook her breakfast every day. She let her hair go gray, the same as mine. I think she looks foxy that way. And that woman sings like a songbird. I could make beautiful music with her.

* "Born to be Wild" just may be the best rock-n-roll song ever written. Yeah, I got my motor running...

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