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March 12, 2008

Strip poker

Originally published April 21, 2003

I've mentioned making home-made porno movies, but I'm REALLY curious about... wanting to know if you ever played strip poker. Have you?

I'll admit that I have. I didn't mind losing, either. I just like getting nekkid, but SOME of you people must have done it and felt SHAMEFUL when you clutched your arms to your chest and quivered in your nekkidity. You probably SWORE that you would never do THAT again, then did it again anyway, didn't you?

Bwhaha! I am butt-ass nekkid right now. I LIKE blogging with no clothes on. I go to nudist resorts. I'll drop my trousers in a Key West minute. I am PROUD of my Cracker ass. I think I look good nekkid.

Wanna play Strip Poker?

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