Gut Rumbles

March 06, 2008

My bed

Originally published April 20, 2003

I washed the sheets and made everything fresh yesterday. I have three pillows and lots of room in there. I wouldn't mind some company tonight, as long as the person is female and enjoys rambunctious little boys. I hope she enjoys rambunctious, gray-haired grown men, too.

Red toenails are a plus, and a big, nekkid smile for the video camera wouldn't be bad, either. Stay with ME and I'll make you a star.

But we have to wait until the boys go to sleep.

Never mind. Both boys go home at 6:00 this evening. I almost forgot about that. I'll miss them when they're gone. The Crackerbox is going to seem very empty after the all fun we've had. I will be very lonely again.

Unless you come and visit me. We can have the whole house to ourselves! I have boiled peanuts, wine and beer. I even have some Southern Comfort in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. I'll cook fried chicken and mashed potatoes, too. I don't have to go to work in the morning. I don't sleep late, but you can, in a bed with clean sheets and three pillows.

Plus, you can help me hunt for that one lost Easter Egg tomorrow...

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