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March 04, 2008

Goober peas

Originally published April 19, 2003

From people who commented about boiled peanuts, I gather that some poor souls are confused about this Jawja delicacy. Boiled peanuts ARE NOT like roasted peanuts. Roasted peanuts are crunchy. Boiled peanuts are soft.

You boil peanuts in the shell with lots of salt in the water. Genuine Jawja boiled peanuts are picked green and cooked as soon as you can wash the sand off of them. Boil them for about an hour, then let them soak in the salty water for another hour. Eat them with lots of beer. Freeze what you can't eat if you buy them by the bushel the way I do every September. They'll keep and still be good a year later.

North Carolina CLAIMS to have boiled peanuts, but they lie like dogs there. They take DRIED peanuts and boil them. The shells turn dark and the nut inside tastes like a goddam blackeyed pea when they're done fucking up a perfectly good peanut. Those ARE NOT genuine Jawja baby green boiled peanuts. They are an abomination and anybody who sells those things and calls them "boiled peanuts" should be dragged off and shot.

I am passionate about my boiled peanuts. They are Mother Nature's perfect food, good morning or evening, winter or summer, day in and day out. The five pounds I bought yesterday? Gone. The boys and I went through them the way Sherman went through Georgia. I bought another five pounds today.

They're cooking now. The kitchen smells good. Much deliciousness will come from that pot.

"Democracy, whiskey, sexy?" Bullshit. Try "Salty, Peanutty Ecstacy."

With beer.


This yankee from California had some goober peas once and loved them. Haven't had the opportunity to eat them since. What
kind of peanuts do you use (if more than one )
and how much salt do you put in? Where
could I purchase them from "picked green"?

Posted by: Cliff Riddlebarger on May 3, 2009 10:30 PM
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