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February 26, 2008


Originally published July 11, 2003

The people I work for believe in training. They believe in "Managing Diversity" and they believe in "Sexual Harassment-- No Place for it in the Workplace." They also believe in "Dealing with Hostile Employees," "Conflict Management," "Creating the Win-Win Situation" and "Building Successful Teams."

Throw in "Effective Planning," "Facilitation Skills," "Leadership Skills" and "How to Wipe Your Ass the Company Way" and you get the picture of the kind of training I receive regularly. I really never get much out of ANY of those classes except for a free lunch. That's why I am delighted that I've never been forced into a "Anger Management" class.

The very idea of being taught "Anger Management" pisses me off.

Evidently, it pissed off this guy, too.

The man who went on a deadly shooting rampage at a Lockheed Martin plant, killing five coworkers and wounding nine before killing himself, went through an anger management program a year and a half ago after problems on the job, the company president said Wednesday.

Douglas Williams, 48, made "threatening remarks" against a black co-worker in December 2001, said Dain Hancock, the president of the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company. He wouldn't say what the remarks were.

After the incident, Williams was ordered to attend a two-week anger management program at a local outpatient mental health facility, Hancock said. Williams was then cleared to return to work.

That worked like a charm, didn't it? The "group hug" bullshit that passes for training today on "sensitive" issues usually does.

I've never seen ANYBODY "born again" after attending such training. I HAVE, however, seen people who walked out with a chip on their shoulder after being told that singing "Kumbaya" with a shitty employee is the ideal way to handle a problem in the workplace. That's bullshit, and nobody but some buttlick in a coat and tie who NEVER saw a shop floor in his life would suggest such a ridiculious idea.

But it is sure enough in vogue today.

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