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February 25, 2008

Home early

Originally published April 16, 2003

The training class ended at 1:30 this afternoon, I went to pick up my new derringer and I am home before 5:00 for a change.


I shook hands with the CEO of my company before breakfast this morning and he chatted me up as if we were old friends. He knew what job I held, my son's first name and how long I had worked there.

That's why you are required to wear a name tag at these meetings. The CEO receives a short bio for everyone in the room (all 30 of them) and he memorizes them all just for this kind of small talk. It's impressive as hell to watch him do what he does. He might not be able to pick my face out of a crowd of three people, but when he saw that name tag, he knew what to say to Rob Smith, just as he did with every other person in the room.

I find that amazing

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