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February 20, 2008

I love it

Originally published April 12, 2003

Check this comment from a leftist asshole who attempts to put ME down. Notice the TOP THREE THINGS that you will always see in every idiotarian rant.

1) Bush is a moron. (Forget his degrees from TWO Ivy-League colleges and forget the fact that he seems to have beaten the shit out of every attack Democrats mounted against him. He remains a moron.)

2) Bush is a liar. (I cannot BELIEVE that Clinton dicksuckers have the unmitigated GALL to even TALK about lying after the way they fawned over their lying bastard, blow-job-in-the-Oval-Office nutless wonder who remains their hero. Clinton? All hat and no cattle, as they say in Texas. Bush pisses better stuff than Clinton ever thought about being.)

3) There is a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy! (I hope the hell so. I hope it is VERY VAST.)

Okay, excuse my rant, but this is MY BLOG and I can do whatever I want to do on it. Back to the comment now:

Bush is an honest man . . . .

Bush is honest? "I won't engage in nation-building," "I'll actually do something to help education/local economies/AIDS sufferers in Africa," "I won't pass along our [national debt] to other Congresses, to other presidents, and other generations," "I've given up boozing," "I can speak Spanish"--THAT Bush?

Right-wingers like to pretend that dislike for Bush is a partisan thing, but what besides their own partisanship could compel anyone to support him? It's not just that he's not a Democrat; it's that he's the worst his party has to offer. If you snuck a peashooter into the REPUBLICAN convention, blindfolded yourself, spun around a few times and blew, pretty much anyone you beaned would make a better president than Bush.

I want everyone to go back and read that piece of blithering idiocy again. Now, on the count of three.... BWHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

Admit it, you brainless, holier-than-thou, beanheaded asswipe. YOUR dislike of Bush is a VISCERAL THING. You hate him because he IS honest, he DOES what he says he going to do and he IS a leader. And he's WINNING! You fucking can't stand it, can you?

Again, it's not partisan--Dole, Guiliani, McCain (and I bet you can think of more names)--do you believe that if any one of these Republicans were in the White House, he'd, say, pack the judiciary and presidential advisory groups with religious nuts, or decide that protecting his cronies from the SEC was more important than stabilizing the financial market, or let his foreign and monetary policies be dictated by ivory tower ideologues, or select an attorney general who was afraid of cats and breasts and made a point of greasing up with Crisco on big occasions, or have a VP who goes permanently into hiding? It's only partisanship from their side than keeps Republicans from seeing how looney this administration is.

Okay, it's not "partisan." You're just out of your fucking mind. "Religious nuts...cronies...looney." Have you talked to your doctor about regulating your medication?

What but GOP partisanship could make them forget that before the mid-90s, Bush basically did nothing his whole life but get high and sponge off his dad and his dad's friends? The biggest rockpile most politicians have to deal with is fundraising and holding elected office is the only real job Bush ever had. But even there, he's never had to work as hard as others in his occupation--once again, Daddy's friends have spared him from the reality check of work. So we have a president who, in times of heartbreaking national crisis, whines about how he actually had to spend time on the phone! Poor baby!!--it almost cut into his jogging time!

Read a book, you simpering shit. All you are doing here is displaying your abject ignorance, which may play well with your leftist friends, but it doesn't fly in MY arena. Do you spit or swallow? You'll damn sure suck leftist doctrine like the mindless twit you are.

Clearly you're not a fan of President Clinton, but he got to Oxford and through Yale, passed the Bar, practiced law and started a political career through his own hard work. I obviously don't agree with you on much, but even you--who got through school on your own bat, held down a job you got on your own, supported a family, apparently lived some kind of grown-up life with real responsibilities and all the trimmings--YOU would make a better president than this pisher.

Posted by Molly, NYC at April 12, 2003 04:21 PM

No, I would have been a better President than Bill Clinton. My neighbor's CAT that shits on my truck would have made a better President than Clinton. Clinton never took advantage of his Oxford opportunity except to tour Europe, visit Russia and troll for blow-jobs. He has been a shallow piece of Arkansas white trash since the day he was born. The DIPSHIT HAS NEVER HAD A REAL JOB IN HIS LIFE!!!

George Bush, on the other hand, was a fighter pilot, a graduate of TWO Ivy League schools, a successful businessman and Governor of Texas before he became President. You call him dumb.

Kiss my Cracker ass.

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