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February 16, 2008

Wild game

Originally published December 28, 2003

I don't hunt, except for going bird-shooting every now and then. I like to watch the dogs work on a bird-hunt, and I like the way quail and dove haul ass out of the weeds like a fighter pilot trying to shake a MIG off his six. They make a difficult target to hit, even with a good shotgun. To me, that's good sport.

I never gave a damn about deer hunting. I went once and didn't like it, so I never did it again. Something about sitting in a stand and freezing my ass off in the semi-darkness while waiting for a deer to walk by never appealed to me. I could have shot all the deer I wanted on the mini-farm, just by laying in wait for them at night, but I wanted only to keep them out of my garden. I learned how to do that, so I left the deer alone.

But I've eaten a lot of "wild" game in my life. I've eaten rabbit and squirrel, venison and buffalo, alligator and turtle, quail and dove, armadillo and racoon, shark and frog-legs, and I even took a bite of a barbecued rattlesnake when I was drunk-up at some Rattlesnake Roundup I attended one summer. It tasted like shit.

I like venison and I like alligator. I know people who can cook that stuff so well that you can't tell the venison from roast beef and you can't tell alligator from ANYTHING. Alligator tail, fried just right, tastes like chicken with just a slighty fishy aftertaste. It is excellent with fried okra.

Yeah. I've eaten a lot of stuff you can't buy in the grocery store.


Just got back from Australia and you can in fact buy alligator in the store. Or was it crocodile? Whatever, they also sell a bunch of other meats I've never seen in a store here. Kangeroo and ostrich to name a couple

Posted by: MM on February 17, 2008 12:47 PM
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