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February 11, 2008

Sheer stupidity

Originally published December 24, 2003

I keep loaded firearms all over my house. I also have a soon-to-be 10 year-old boy who visits here with a friend every other weekend. They both know to keep their hands off those guns.

Quinton also knows that you NEVER point a gun at someone unless you intend to shoot that person. You NEVER "assume" a gun is unloaded, even if you think you know damn good and well that it is. Treat every gun as if it were loaded, all the time.

My boy absorbed those lessons. this boy obviously did not. What happened as a result is a tragedy, but it damn sure isn't Beretta's fault.

The kid made three critical mistakes. First of all, he had no business dragging out his father's pistol to show to a friend. The boy should have known better than that. Guns are tools, no different than chainsaws or hammers. You don't wave them around just to be showing off.

Second, the boy obviously did not understand how a semi-automatic pistol works. The bullet in the chamber does NOT fall out when you drop the magazine. You have to reject that one by hand to get it out of the chamber.

Third, he pointed an "unloaded" gun at a friend and pulled the trigger. Why the hell did he do that? If I ever see Quinton even CARRYING his BB gun without the barrel pointed at the ground, I am on his ass like white on rice. Treat EVERY GUN as if it were loaded, and ready to go off, all the time. Even when I clean mine, I'm careful about where the muzzle is pointed. I treat THAT gun as if it were loaded.

I had those lessons pounded into my head from the time I was a kid in Kentucky. I'm trying to teach Quinton the same rules. Guns are NOT dangerous in the right hands, but if you fuck up with one, they are damned well unforgiving. You can't take a bullet back once you fire it.

This kind of crap is pure fodder for the gun-control activists. They love stories such as this one. I hate them.

If a kid fucks up with a gun, don't sue the manufacturer. Horsewhip his daddy for not teaching his boy how to handle a gun.

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