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January 25, 2008

From my comments

Originally published June 13, 2003

Yep, I am still picking thorns out of my feet from walking barefoot through the blackberry vines the other day in pursuit of the snake on my back porch, but I have another thorn that I just can't get rid of. It is IN MY ASS and it becomes really inflamed every time I read shit like this:

Wellfare or no, some hard working people depend on that "refund". It's what allows us acushion at the end of the year to actually do something nice for our kids and it's a hell of incentive to keep working harder. Not everyone who gets a tax break is sponge. And not every person who makes 100-150K works hard. Remember, that corporate America gets more "refunds" and "tax breaks" than anyone else.

Anybody who depends on a "refund" of somebody else's money to "do something nice for our kids" is a goddam parasite. I don't give a shit if you "need" the money. IT ISN'T YOURS! You didn't earn it. And how the hell getting something for nothing inspired you to "keep working harder" is a mystery to me. You should be cheering, goading and demanding OTHER PEOPLE to work harder. After all, they're doing it for YOU.

I do know that my tax refund goes straight into the economy as soon as I get it, whether to pay of a bill, or buy my wife something nice, or even to buy something nice for myself, someone else just got my tax break.
Whether you get a check at the end of the year or not, everyone benefits in some manner from tax rebates.
BTW, do elected officials pay taxes on thier salaries? Just wondering.

Cassidy probably wonders why he never won "life's lottery." I'll tell him right now. CASSIDY, YOU ARE AS DUMB AS A CAN OF DIRT. YOU HAVE SHIT FOR BRAINS!!!

"I do know that my tax refund goes straight into the economy." My aching ass. That money was already in the economy and it would have stayed right where it was except for the fact that GOVERNMENT TOOK IT AWAY FROM THE PERSON WHO EARNED IT AND GAVE IT TO YOUR SORRY ASS. You think people who earn their own money don't spend it? Only fucking deadbeat parasites like YOU put money into the economy? Bite me, you asshole. You suck on the teats of the government sow. You don't put money into the economy. You TAKE!

Also, I know that as I progress in my career, I make more money. I make more money, no tax refund. This motivates me and people like me to work harder to pay off as much as possible, so that the tax break is utilized in the most effective way possible. As of now, outside the cars, I'm less than 5K in debt. The tax refund is a godsend. My last tax return paid of 4-6 bills completely (I forget how many). It is a good thing for honest people.

Yes, I can see how you and people like you are motivated by free money to work harder until there is no more free money for you, and YOUR money starts going to pay parasites like you are now, when you're not a parasite anymore. That makes perfect sense to me. If you are $5,000 in debt (outside of the CARS), you are living far beyond your means and you expect ME to pay for your personal lack of discipline. "Honest" people don't demand handouts to pay for their personal fuckwittery. You do. And I resent that money you get for free being taken from ME at the point of a gun by the Federal government. Kiss my Cracker ass, you parasite.

I've got to take this missive apart piece by piece:

Like I mentioned earlier, I don't know much about the upper ranges of the tax code.

Don't bother your pointed little head. Trust me. You'll NEVER have to worry about the upper ranges of the tax code.

I would like to pose a question, though, just for thought. (Outside of the ones I allready asked, just looking for information)

You wouldn't recognize a thought if it walked up and slapped you in the head with a two-by-four. The "thoughts" you thought you already posted prove that fact.

I get taxes taken out of my paycheck every month. I get a refund every year, that usually exceeds what I paid in over the year, which I've allready explained.

That makes you a PARASITE, which I've already explained.

Millions of Americans use that for good.

Millions of other Americans could use it just as well, for just as much "good" because it was THEY'RE FUCKING MONEY before you got your parasitic hands on it. It's better because YOU spend it instead of them. You NEED IT more than they do? Fuck you.

Now, is the problem here with wellfare in general or in how the system is set up. I don't like the current state of wellfare.

Why not? You collect other people's money from it, being the leech you are.

I've said before about my opinion on the majority of Americans. Objectively, though, it would be ethically repugnant and socially shortsighted not to help those who are less fortunate. My personal problem is how the system is utilised and manipulated, but a wellfare system to me is a good idea.

OF COURSE a "welfare system" is a good idea to YOU! A welfare system is ALWAYS a good idea to the parasites to collect without paying into it. The worker bees, on the other hand, who see 38% of their incomes vanish into the federal maw only to be shit out in little "refund" pellets collected by dung beetles like YOU find the system "ethically repugnant and socially shortsighted."

Would you have a problem with it if the system was set up to encourage job training and contribution over lifestyle sustainment? Just a thought.

You don't have thoughts. I believe we already covered that issue. I have no idea what that last incoherent sentence was supposed to mean, but I know what it really means. I DESERVE YOUR MONEY. GIVE IT TO ME!

You don't deserve a fucking dime of MY MONEY, Cassidy. The fact that you get it chaps my Cracker ass.

Besides, I thought I told you to get your parasitic, blood-sucking, welfare-taking ass off of my blog. Ain't no free money here. What are YOU doing still hanging around?

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